Who’s winning the season overall so far?

We’re 3 meets into the 2017 season and there are battles for top spots in all three classes this year.  For 2017 the season overalls will take the top 4 placings for each competitor and combine them for a season overall score.  For those competitors who attend all six meets, they will drop their lowest two places.  For those who can’t attend all six, well they’ll still stand a good chance of placing well as long as they can be consistent in the meets they attend.

2017 after meet 3 resultsPRO Class: At meet #1 Jay Sanders came out of the gates charging claiming the first gold medal of the season.  In the second meet he took 9th, and wasn’t able to attend meet #3, so he’ll have some work to do to get back into a top spot as the season progresses.  Returning champion Curt Bartholomew grabbed a silver and two gold medals so far putting him in the first place spot so far after three meets.

Justin Price is sitting in second, and Jeannie Bartholomew is close on his heels in third.  But the season is far from over… Shane Seydel has a second and third under his belt, Greg Windmiller has a third, and newcomer to the PRO Class John Lopez from the US Army Golden Knights has a 4th and 5th and certainly within striking distance of the podium.

Lots of things can change once the lowest places start dropping later in the season.

Alex Hart

Photo by: Tyler Roemer

Intermediate Class: Alex Hart from Start Skydiving is currently leading the pack with a 1st, 4th, and 5th place finish.  PD Engineering & Test Jumper Jens Esselstrom is chilling in second, and all the way from Hawaii, Pat Kessler is sitting in third with a 13th, 1st, and 3rd place finish.

But this class is full of strong flyers this season, Ricky Nelson sitting in 4th overall just secured the gold medal in Sebastian last weekend. Nate Clark and Brian Redfield both have a 2nd and 3rd place finish this season, and Nick Peck has a 2nd and 5th.  These guys are all in striking position of the podium.

intermediateBeginner Class: 2017 is our first season running the beginner class and man has it exceeded our expectations!  The turnout has been awesome.  So many of these guys said they were intimidated in years past, but now with the beginner class, they’re giving competitive CP a try!

Evan Pritchard has started out strong with two gold medals and leading the pack.  Jussi Sistonen-Lonnroth is sitting in second, with David Williams right on his heels.  But like the PRO and Intermediate classes, this division will be won by the competitor who can show their consistency through the entire season.

The second half of the season kicks off in two days at West Tennessee skydiving at their new purpose built pond.  We’re super excited to have this new venue on the schedule!

The season overall results can be found here:  http://controltower.io/flcpa/season/

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