Sebastian season opener-only one week away!

Fresh 300 reline, check. Reserve in date, check. Hotel and car reservations made, check. The 2016 season is about to begin!!!!
The preregistration list can be found here.

A couple reminders:

*Is my reserve, and USPA membership in date?
*Don’t forget to preregistration by Thursday noon in order to save$$.
*Safety & competition briefing will be Friday at sunset.
*Amateurs-please read and understand turn and wing load safety restrictions for your class. Any questions, please ask.
*We’ll be running the new 2016 FAI rules which were just adopted a couple weeks ago.
*As mentioned earlier, we’ll be lowering the cash prizes this year in order to purchase a new ultrasonic anemometer.

Here’s a couple Arial shots of the new pond in Sebastian. It looks pretty awesome!!!

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