Project Orange: Lord of the Strings Events



Each day during Lord of the Strings we’ll be doing a new and fresh bracket. The evening prior we’ll select who will compete against who in a random draw to be held at the Bird House(for those new to ZHills, that’s the bar.)  We’ll select the names in random from a hat, so each day you’ll be starting off competing against someone new.

Here’s a list of the events we’ll be doing for each bracket.  There will be one bracket for distance, one for speed, and one for accuracy.


Dragging Speed Carve- We’ll back up the entry gate to put the first 4 gates on the water and we’ll replace the inside buoys with balls on the water.  You’ll be timed from entry to exit, but you’ll be required to drag a foot(or hand, or head, or knee) through gates one,two, three, and four.
6 meter wide speed carve-It’s just like it sounds, we’ve made the course skinnier. Keeping in the course while not taking it out will be the challenge here.


Long distance-aka ‘old school’ distance.  5 ft entry and on vertical extension at 50 meters.
Carving distance-it looks like a speed course, but there’s no timers.  competitors must stay below the 5 foot markers until the last gate then they fly for the longest distance they can make.
In lane drag-There is no entry gate in this event. There are zones the entire duration of the pond and you choose how deep you want to set down on the water.  The more water distance you drag, the higher your score.  But don’t forget to save enough to exit on the land, a ‘chow’ will score you a zero.


Narrowing water gates- Gate 1 will be the standard 10meter wide.  As you drag through the course the gates will become narrower until you reach the gate 4 balls which will be only 2 meters apart.

Hula Hoop Accuracy-Zones 1-4 are the same.  Zone 5-7=-17. Zone 8=-36. Hulahoop=75. Stand-up rule applies.  If you drag all the water and stand up in the hoop, that’s 125 points!


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