Pro Pilots

How do I become a Pro and get on this list to get invited to Pro meets? This can be done by:

(A) Placing in the top 20% of the amateur membership during the prior years season in their district.

(B) Pro’s from abroad will be permitted to complete in the pro class by providing substantial evidence of qualifying competition experience in their country of origin or at an international level.

(C) Compete in the open class at USPA Nationals and earn a place on the US National Canopy Piloting team.

(D) Win the overall in the Advanced class at USPA Nationals.

(E) Have experience that at the discretion of the league director qualifies the pilot to compete as a Pro Class Pilot.




6 thoughts on “Pro Pilots

  1. Would like to be on your pro list. I have tons of competition experience multiple national medals and world meet 2006 medal.will email pic thx

  2. I’d like to be put on the list.
    Good amount of comp experience. 2 world meets US competitor, 3 US National comps. One texas regional comp win 2010
    10th Worldcup 2011
    Matt Shull

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