Pro Meets


2014- PD Tveir Tvӧ- November 8-9  (following the World Meet)

2013- PD Project orange- Lord of the Strings- Registration/Info here; Detailed event info; Live Scoring Here! October 16-20


2012-PD Tveir- October 4-7-Info here.

2011-PD Big Boy Pants World Record event Mile Hi Skydiving, Colorado July 28-31 

2009-Last Big Splash-Fantasy of Flight-September 26-27

2007-PD/Fastrax Challenge-Sebastian Beach Inn-January 6-7

SWOOPLEAGUE consists of three classes, a beginner class, an advanced class, and a Pro/Open Class. All pilots are considered beginer or advanced unless they are issued pro qualification.  How do I become a PRO and get invited to these badass events? click here

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