2015 Medal Sponsor-Alter Ego

We’re happy to announce that our friends at Alter Ego have stepped up for the 2015 season and offered to cover the costs of the medals and plaques this year.  “So many of us alter ego logo1on Alter Ego either started in the FLCPA , or regularly attend the meets to train, we want to give something back.  We want to help the community grow.” said Curt Bartholomew.

Earlier this week I sat down with Curt and we went through books and picked out the medals for this year.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see them….

Free coaching moved to Fridays

In the last few years it’s been difficult to secure coaches for all the meets.  Partially because they all want to compete!!!  This year we’re going to try something new and will be moving the coaching to the Friday before the meet.  So rather than getting coaching during the meet, you’ll get the tips and tricks the day before(hopefully allowing you to apply your newly learned skills to win the next day;-)

This also allows us have the top coaches give out their advice, and also compete the next day at the meet.

curtFor meets #1  & #2 we’ll have World Champion Curt Bartholomew of Team Alter Ego pondside on the practice day as the Coach.   Feel free to ask him anything after you land!

Free coaching is for registered competitors so get on it and get registered!  what are you waiting for!?!?!



2015 Meet 4 Preregistration

2015 Meet 4 preregistration. the season Finale!!!!!!
Load 1:
1Joe Abeln
2Albert Berchtold
3Jared Zell
4Brad Moon

1Jason Sanders
2Scott Harper
3Justin Price
4Peter Piotrowski

1Sven Jseppi
2Ian Bobo
3Matt Shull
4Eric Deroy
5Shaggio Rodriguez

1Ryan Brownlow
2Julio Munoz
3Paulinho Marques
4Justino Thornton
5Claudio Cagnasso


1Danny Feltner
2Charles Mullins
3Peter Lubrano
4Fraser Feltner
5Logan Donovan

1Shane Seydel
2Rory Agundez
3Matt Leonard
4Ben Lowe
5Jessica Brownlow


1Pawel Piotrowski
2Nathan Emmett
4Kurt Smith
5Jeremy George

1Rob Harris
2Stephen Perry
3Ross Brilakis
4Gavin Griffin

3Johnny Gunn
3Nadav Schwartz
4Robin Jandle
1iain Jensen

*** means registration not complete.  Get preregistered and save some loot. http://swoopleague.com/event-registration-page/


FLCPA 2015 Season Dates

It’s that time of the year again!!! Time to turn in your vacation schedule to your boss for the FLCPA meets!  It will be February before you know it and you’ll be on your way to sunny Florida to compete in the 2015 season (smiling yet?)

Well Here ya go!!!!

Meet #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 21-22

Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 14-15

Meet #3 Raeford Parachute Center May 16-17

Meet #4 Raeford Parachute Center June 12-13(Fri-Sat)

We’re condensing the 2015 season to 4 meets so you’re not going to want to miss any of the meets!  The last meet of the season will begin on Friday to align with USPA nationals which will begin on Monday June 15th.

Registration pages will be up next month, and some more updates to the rules will be coming soon as well!

PD Tveir Tvӧ 2014-Registration list

2 way

Scores click here

We’re up to 15 teams registered for the big 2-way meet happening in Z-Hills in less than 2 weeks!!!  Here’s a run down of those who have registered so far for PD Tveir Tvӧ.  If you haven’t registered and plan on competing, what are you waiting for!!!  Info on how to register click here.

1. PDFT Team Leftovers-Tommy Dellibac/Jay Moledzki

2. Ginja Gihad-Robbie McMillan/Mark Edwards.

3. PDFT Team Eeek-Ian Bobo/Jessica Edgeington

4. PDFT Team Bola-Brian Vacher/Ian Drennan

5. PDFT/PD Balls Out Swoopers-Gage Galle/Albert Berchtold

6. Alter Ego-Curt Bartholomew/Nick Batsch

7. Alter Ego 2-Jay Sanders/Ryan Brownlow

8. Alter Ego 3-Jeannie Bartholomew/Mike McCann

9. Jammie Dodgers-Ben Lewis/Andrew ‘Angry’ Woolf

10. Walter Ergo-Keven Walters/Darren Griggs

11. Team Canada Eh-Sven Jseppi/Serge Blouin

12. Slipstream-Brian McNenney/Justin Thornton

13. SD Dubai-Pat Kaye/Cornelia Mihai

14. Ze Not Germans-Dominic Roithmaier/Marco Furst

15. Max Power-Max Kossidowski/Max Manow



2014 FLCPA Season concludes

The 2014 Season has come to an end.  Now that the dust has settled, lets take a look at how it all wrapped up.  Each and every year the FLCPA continues to get bigger and better.

Curt B 2014OPEN Class:
1st-Curt Bartholomew
2nd-Gage Galle
3rd-Paul Rodriguez

1st-Brandon Coates
2nd-Jared Zell
3rd-Bradley Moon

New PRO’s for 2015:
Brandon Coates
Jared Zell
Bradley Moon
Jeannie Bartholomew
Matteo Gattini

# of competitors by meet:
Meet #1: 38
Meet #2: 40
Meet #3: 34
Meet #4: 23
Meet #5: 62
Average # of competitors: 39 per meet

97 competitors competed throughout the season.

1068 Competition Loads flown

So what else is going on this year?  NECPL at Skydive Crosskeys.  PD Tveir Tvo.

Looking forward to 2015……


USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals 2014

USPAZHillsCP2014For all of you preparing to visit sunny Florida for FLCPA meet #5 and USPA Nationals it’s time to start getting your sh*t together.

1.  Click here to see Skydive City’s general info about 2014 USPA Nationals

2.  Click here to fill out Skydive City’s waiver before you get there.  It’s a fillable PDF, so when your done, you can print it, or email it to info@skydivecity.com

3.  Click here to pay your registration and competition jumps to Skydive City.

4.  Is your reserve in date through May 23rd?  if not, get a repack.

5. Is your USPA membership in date through May 23rd?  if not, get it renewed.  In order to compete at USPA Nationals you must have a valid FULL USPA membership, Temporary memberships are not sufficient.  INTERNATIONAL GUESTS, this applies to you as well.

See you all there!


PD Tveir Tvӧ 2014

2 way opposingIn 2012 we held the first complete two way competition and what a blast it was.  It’s two years later and with the support of Performance Designs we’re going to do it again, only bigger and better!!!  We are proud to announce PD Tveir Tvӧ,

PD Tveir Tvӧ will be held immediately following the close of the 2014 World Championships of Canopy Piloting which makes it very easy for many of our top overseas pilots to attend.  This isn’t just a team speed round tacked on to the end of a meet. You will enter as a team, compete as a team, and win(or lose) as a team. The events will be structured to showcase the competitors ability to fly as team and scores will be calculated accordingly.

Save the date: November 8-9, 2014

Location: Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL

Prize Purse:$5,000

Photos from 2012 PD Tveir:  CLICK HERE!

Video from 2012 PD Tveir: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0naTDz2h0qk

2 wayQualification: 2 person teams. BOTH team members must be listed on the PRO list and approved by FLCPA meet director prior to event. Pro’s from abroad, please contact albert@swoopleague.com for approval.  Teams who did not compete in 2012 PD Tveir should be prepared to provide video of team practice swoops (side by side and opposing) in order to receive their approval to compete.  Please do not arrive at the World Meet and expect to “throw together” a team.  It is unlikely your team will be approved by doing this.

Registration: (per team)In order to complete your team registration, go to the events registration page and register your team. Only one registration per team needed.

If paid by September 30, 2014-$400

After September 31 til November 6-$500

Registration paid is non-refundable & nontransferable.

two way


Paul Rodriguez wins Meet #3 in Raeford

IMG_0445What an amazing weekend at the Raeford Parachute Center!!  Competitors began arriving to North Carolina a week before the meet.  Members of the Canadian CP team ran a week long training camp leading up to the meet with Greg Windmiller and Jay Moledzki coaching the guys.  Friday was jumpable in the morning with 30 knot winds at 1,000 ft.  by Noon the winds had come down to the ground and were extremely turbulent.

Saturday morning had winds out of the west turning between a tail wind and head wind throughout the day.  We began with the practice round and rolled straight into the speed event.  A quartering head wind kept the times above 2.8 even for the fastest competitors with most above 3.0 seconds.  Curt Bartholomew took the fastest time of the Pro competitors winning 15 minutes of tunnel time compliments of Paraclete XP.

IMG_1341By 11:00am we had rolled into the distance event.  A head wind of 7-10 mph kept the North Carolina distance record safe at 128 meters.  But not by much! Curt picked up another 15 minutes in the tunnel by securing the longest distance at 127 meters.

Zone Accuracy was once again the great equalizer and definately shuffeled the score board. At the end of the day Paul Rodriguez was in the top seat with 498 of 600 points. Curt Bartholomew followed with 478 points .  And to round out the top 3 was Mr Gage Galle with 471 points.  The top 3 took home FLCPA medals, and some nice cash.

The top 3 Amateur competitors took home 15 minutes each from Paraclete XP.  Chris Howard was 1st, John Nolan was the second place winner, and 3rd amateur was Jeannie Bartholomew.


In usual Raeford style, we brought back the Pro/AM event.  This is where we randomly match up a pro competitor with an amatuer to work together during the meet.  They discuss strategy, conditions, and help each other through the meet.  At the end of the competition we add up their scores and declare a winner.  This year the Raeford Pro/AM was won by the team of  Gage Galle and Jeannie Bartholomew.

IMG_1433On a more somber note, Canadian competitor Philippe DeBlois passed away due to injuries suffered during an accident in the beginning of the week. On one of his first jumps when he arrived at Raeford it appears he may have unknowingly  lost his hand hold on his toggle when transfering from front risers to his rear risers.  To open the closing ceremony Raeford Avation launched three of their aircraft and flew them over the dz in a missing man formation.  Greg Windmiller of the Golden Knights said a few words about Philippe. The competitors and crowd observed a moment of silence.

Big thanks to our judges, Raeford Avation, Mirage, PD, Paraclete XP, and Sunpath for their support of the meet.

In 2015 Raeford Parachute Center will be host to the USPA CP Nationals.  With this meet, they’ve once again shown they’ve got what it takes to host a top notch competition.  “Thats how we roll!”

Season Finale is coming!!!

Its coming up quickly!!!  The final meet of the 2014 season at Skydive City will be held on May 17th & 18th.  This meet will likely take both days due to high attendance.

After 4 meets Curt Bartholomew has a strong hold on the first place overall in the pro class followed by Paul Rodriguez, Albert Berchtold and Gage Galle.  In the Amatuer class it’s still a race for the top seat.  Brandon Coates is in the lead, but Jeannie Bartholomew, and Brad Moon aren’t far behind!

Here’s a list of those who have preregistered for the Season Finale!

* designates payment of registration needs to be completed.

1 Curt Bartholomew 2 Kenneth Gajda 3 Gage Galle 4 Joe Abeln1 Greg Windmiller
2 Kalay Marques
3 Albert Berchtold1 PaulRodriguez
2 Scott Harper
3 Justin Judd
4 Gerard Burnside1 Justin Price
2 Fabrice Laudin
3 Shaggio Levesque
4 Kyle Schoonover1 Eduardo Meirelles
2 Peter Kallehave*
3 Peter Kozak
4 Marcel Pomerleau1 Jay Sanders
2 Sergey Fedotov
3 Peter Piotrowski
4 Dave Billings1 Patrick Kaye
2 Billy Sharman
3 Cornelia Mihai
4 Abdulbari Quaisi1 Ryan Brownlow
2 Andrii Stalnyi
3 Mikeal Stevens
4 Jared Zell1 Tommy Dellibac
2 Jessica Edgeington
3 Ian Drennan
4 Maxine Tate1 Nick Batsch
2 TJ Landgren
3 Rob Wallace
4 Matt Shull1 Yuri Garmashov
2 Ian Bobo
3 Chris Day
4 Lasse Schneider Jakobsen1 Jeannie Bartholomew
2 Joe Turner
3 Fraser Feltner
4 Jaime Tristancho1 Brad Moon
2 Walt Hawkins
3 Rob Harris
4 Pawel Piotrowski1 Rich Servantes
2 Brandon Coates
3 Rory Agundez
4 Peter Lubrano1 Matteo Gattini
2 Katie Hansen
3 Nick Quigley
4 Logan Donnovan1 John Nolan
2 Jonathan Martinez
3 Troy Ketsdever

Curt Bartholomew wins Meet #2

This past weekend was the second meet IMG_7276of the 2014 FLCPA season.  Fourty competitors arrived from around the world and across the US to compete.  This meet brought Fifteen amateur and twenty-five pro competitors to Skydive City in Z-Hills.  Many competitors began arriving a week or two ahead of time for some winter training in sunny Florida.  By Friday morning the PD & Mirage tents were up pondside and most competitors did 4-7 practice jumps on friday.

The weather was wonderful on Saturday reaching 80 degrees. 7:30 AM came pretty early(and dark too) when competitors arrived for the morning safety briefing.   We began with the Speed event after the briefing concluded and exit orders were finalized.  Times getting down into the 2.4 second range were seen.  After a short course change we continued into the distance event with a quartering tail wind from the southeast.  Congratulations to Gage Galle from the PD Factory Team who set a new Florida state distance record at 139.20 meters.

IMG_7061The coach for this meet was Ian Bobo from the PD Factory Team.  Ian set up his white board near the end of the course and was handing out tips and tricks as quickly as he could to each competitor.


We had an injury on touchdown by French competitor David Maleze who was having a great meet.  Unfortunately a rough landing caused a fracture on his lower leg.  Here’s to a quick recovery for David.



The late afternoon brought changing conditions for the zone accuracy event.  There’s a reason this event is known as the great equalizer!  There were certainly a lot of place changes in these last two rounds, except for the top spot which was strongly held by Curt Bartholomew throughout the meet.   At the end of the day, Curt was standing in first place, Greg Windmiller from the US Army Golden Knights was in second, and Julien Guiho was in third.

Big thanks to our judges, skydive city, our sponsors PD & Mirage, and all our volunteers who helped make this meet happen.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

The 3rd meet of the 2014 season will be April 5-6 in Raeford North Carolina.  See you there!

Meet #2 Preregistration is booming!

Meet 2 is looking like it will be bigger than meet #1!!!  Here’s a list of those pre-registered for the meet this weekend.  If there is an asterisk next to your name, your payment was not completed.

  1. Colin Curran-Ama
  2. Brad Moon-Ama
  3. Walt Hawkins-Ama
  4. Chris Howard-Ama
  5. Matteo Gattini-Ama
  6. Rory Agundez-Ama
  7. Jeannie Bartholomew-Ama
  8. Jaime Tristancho-Ama*
  9. Pawel Piotrowski-Ama
  10. Matt Siegmann-Ama
  11. Stephen Yakelewicz-Ama
  12. Doug Karandy-Ama
  13. Brandon Coates-Ama
  14. Rene Hansen-Ama


  1. Albert Berchtold-PRO
  2. Greg Windmiller-PR
  3. Kyle Schoonover-PRO
  4. Joe Abeln-PRO
  5. Giuseppe Crott-PRO*
  6. Mattia Fenati-PRO*
  7. Paul Rodriguez-PRO
  8. Sergey Kotlyarov-PRO
  9. David Maleze-PRO
  10. Brice Bernier-PRO
  11. Eric Philippe-PRO
  12. Guillaume Bernier-PRO
  13. Curt Bartholomew-PRO
  14. Justin Judd-PRO
  15. Peter Piotrowski-PRO
  16. Sergei Fedotov-PRO
  17. Sven Jseppi-PRO
  18. Mikeal Stevens-PRO
  19. Yuri Garmashov-PRO*
  20. Peter Kallehave-PRO*
  21. Jared Zell-PRO
  22. Gage Galle-PRO*

Project Orange: Lord of the Strings Events



Each day during Lord of the Strings we’ll be doing a new and fresh bracket. The evening prior we’ll select who will compete against who in a random draw to be held at the Bird House(for those new to ZHills, that’s the bar.)  We’ll select the names in random from a hat, so each day you’ll be starting off competing against someone new.

Here’s a list of the events we’ll be doing for each bracket.  There will be one bracket for distance, one for speed, and one for accuracy.


Dragging Speed Carve- We’ll back up the entry gate to put the first 4 gates on the water and we’ll replace the inside buoys with balls on the water.  You’ll be timed from entry to exit, but you’ll be required to drag a foot(or hand, or head, or knee) through gates one,two, three, and four.
6 meter wide speed carve-It’s just like it sounds, we’ve made the course skinnier. Keeping in the course while not taking it out will be the challenge here.


Long distance-aka ‘old school’ distance.  5 ft entry and on vertical extension at 50 meters.
Carving distance-it looks like a speed course, but there’s no timers.  competitors must stay below the 5 foot markers until the last gate then they fly for the longest distance they can make.
In lane drag-There is no entry gate in this event. There are zones the entire duration of the pond and you choose how deep you want to set down on the water.  The more water distance you drag, the higher your score.  But don’t forget to save enough to exit on the land, a ‘chow’ will score you a zero.


Narrowing water gates- Gate 1 will be the standard 10meter wide.  As you drag through the course the gates will become narrower until you reach the gate 4 balls which will be only 2 meters apart.

Hula Hoop Accuracy-Zones 1-4 are the same.  Zone 5-7=-17. Zone 8=-36. Hulahoop=75. Stand-up rule applies.  If you drag all the water and stand up in the hoop, that’s 125 points!


2014 FLCPA schedule announced

2014 will be here before you know it and there’s no better way to start off your competitive swoop season then at the FLCPA!  This years season will be action packed with five meets in four months. We’ll begin in February and lead up to our famous “nationals practice” meet being held the weekend before USPA Nationals.

This year will have OVER $5,000 in prize money.

Meet #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 8-9

Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 15-16

Meet #3 Raeford Parachute Center April 5-6

Meet #4 Skydive The Farm April 26-27

Meet #5  Skydive City Z-Hills May 17-18

Registration is now open!  Clicky

CRCPL Meet #3 This Weekend!

Due to international competition and organizer conflicts, the CRCPL Meets #2 and #3 were scheduled only a couple weeks apart. Meet #2 was held on June 29th at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA with Meet #3 scheduled for this weekend (7/13/13).


Meet #2 was a big success with 17 total competitors, 10 in the advanced group and 7 in the pro group. The CRCPL took a big step forward when Richard “Buzz” Bennett volunteered his time to hold a Regional canopy piloting judge rating course. The course started on Friday the 28th and concluded with the end of the meet on June 29th. The course was a success with the league now having several Regionally rated judges. The immediate benefit to the league is standardization and the ability to record and submit California state canopy piloting records. If anyone is interested in becoming a league judge, please contact the league organizers at jacketsdb23@gmail.com to get more information. The continued success of this league is dependent on all of our canopy pilots and our volunteer judges that commit so much time and energy.

The league was also pleased to introduce the timing system for the speed course, which allowed us to not only quickly enter scores for all of the competitors (substantially reducing the time it takes to score the speed rounds) but also to submit CA state speed records.


Meet #2 was extremely hot with temperatures exceeding 105F out on the course. For speed and distance rounds, there was a steady head wind of 6 – 8 mph. The winds picked up slightly mid-afternoon and the competition went on a 2 hour hold as the judges got themselves hydrated and the course was switched over to zone accuracy. The top spot in the advanced group went to Alex Cashman with 522 points edging out Steven Whittenburg with 475 points. Cynthia Currie rounded out the top three with 434 points. With 10 total competitors and less than 85 points separating places 2 – 5, the advanced group has an extremely competitive field.

In the pro group the 7 competitors battled for a top three finish with 4 competitors battling fiercely for the top spot. After the final zone accuracy run, Scott Harper held on to first place with a score of 563 points, Albert Berchtold followed up with 524 points, and Ryan Brownlow got 3rd with a score of 510 points.


In addition to the top three finishes, two new California state records were recorded and submitted to USPA for approval. Ryan Brownlow finshed with the top distance of 319.40 ft and Scott Harper finished with a top speed time of 2.954 seconds. Full competition scores can be found here for both groups.


The league looks forward to another meet, with several additional competitors already committing to Meet #3. We expect over 20 competitors this weekend out at Skydive Sacramento. We hope to see you there!

CRCPL 2013

Project Orange: Lord of the Strings

Lord of the Strings flyer


Registered Competitors:

  1. Ian Bobo*x
  2. Jessica Edgeington*x
  3. Tommy Dellibac*x
  4. Ian Drennan*x
  5. Gage Galle*x
  6. Sven Jseppi*x
  7. Paul Rodriguez*x
  8. Jacob Crooch*x
  9. Kritter Weiss*x
  10. Curt Bartholomew*x
  11. Yuri Garmashov*x
  12. Peter Piotrowski*x
  13. Johan Karlsson*x
  14. Nick Batsch*x
  15. Ryan Brownlow*x
  16. Brian McNenney*x
  17. Jay Sanders*x
  18. Patrick Kaye*x
  19. Billy Sharman*x
  20. Cornelia Mihai*x
  21. Abdulbari Qubaisi*
  22. Nico Emanuelsson*x
  23. Greg Windmiller*x
  24. Guiseppe Crottx
  25. Nick Peck*
  26. Scott Kasmar*
  27. Jeannie Bartholomew*
  28. Fraser Feltner*
  29. John Nolan*
  30. Andres Alarcon

*Competitors with asterisk have completed registration.  If you do not have an asterisk next to your name, you did not complete the registration process all the way through payment. Please go back and complete the registration.

California Regional CP League set for Meet #2

The CRCPL will be holding its second meet of the year this weekend at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA. The league will be supporting a Regional CP Judge rating course which will be held by Buzz Bennett on Friday (28th) and Saturday (29th). This meet will officially be run by Buzz, as our regional judges work under him to obtain their rating. This also means that we’ll be able to record and submit California state records to the USPA for both Speed and Distance. The league will be using a timing system this weekend to make the speed scores official for state record purposes.

We expect to have 20 – 30 competitors at this meet. If you would like to compete, please register before Friday here.

We look forward to seeing you at Skydive Sacramento this weekend and to setting some new California State canopy piloting records. Come compete, watch, volunteer, and/or jump!

Bartholomew wins 2013 season

IMG_1340-2The 2013 season regular season has come to an end here in the Southeast. After 5 meets,Curt Bartholomew stood atop the podium as the 2013 league champ. Greg Windmiller took second and Rob Wallace placed third after a close race with Boston Hartley. Big thanks to all our Judges this season, many of them earned their FAI judge rating this season. Hans Paulsen, Tim Thacker, and TK Hayes for hosting our meets. These DZO’s are the most supportive we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Our league supporters Performance Designs, Adrenaline Obsession have been there with us all year helping wherever need.
This seasons top PRO curt Bartholomew and top Amateur Boston Hartley also had their USPA Nationals costs reimbursed by the FLCPA in recognition of their performance.

IMG_1334-2We’ve got 7 new PRO competitors this year!!! After working their butts off this season we’re proud to welcome these pilots to the PRO ranks.
Boston Hartley-Houston, TX
Kyle Schoonover-Deland, FL
JustinJudd-San Diego, CA
Ryan Levesque-Chester,SC
David Hawley-San Diego, CA
Jared Zell-Raeford, NC
Ben Crooch-three Oaks, MI

What’s Next? PD Project Orange will be the place to be in mid October in Z-Hills, Florida.

Curt wins FLCPA #5 at the Farm

IMG_1328-2The season finale at Skydive the Farm was nothing short of awesome. Seventeen competitors were in attendance for this nine round meet. Two speed, two dragging distance, two old school distance without the drag, two zone accuracy, and one round of hula-hoop accuracy.

The meet began on Friday afternoon with the speed event.  It was great to see all the competitors improvements over the season.  After two rounds of speed there were only 3 nonscoring runs on the board which showed that this was going to be a tough meet to place well.  By the end of the first day we had completed speed and the dragging distance events.  The morning brought calm winds so we started out with the Zone accuracy events.  After two rounds of the normal zone accuracy we did a round of “hula-hoop” accuracy.  We replaced zones 5-8 with all negative xones and put a hula hoop in the middle which was worth 75 landing points making your total possible score 125 if you tried for the hoop.  No one sucessfully pulled it off, but a few tried.  The event was certainly fun and the change of pace was a good time.  We finished up with two rounds of “old school” distance with no water drag.
We finished up around five o’clock on Saturday.  At the end of the nine rounds Curt Bartholomew took first, Greg Windmiller in second, and Jessica Edgeington in third. Big thanks to all the Judges, Hans Paulsen for being awesome, and our league supporters Performance Designs and Adrenaline Obsession.

Full scores can be found here.