Meet #4 Season Finale!! Registration List

The final meet in Raeford is quickly approaching:

Load 1
Rory Agundez
Pete Lubrano
Paul Isenmann
Cecil Jolley
Logan Donovan

1Marcus Denniston
2Fraser Feltner
3Joey Baker
4Jesse Weyher
5Blake Gaynor

1Johnny Gunn
2Dan Richardson
3Nate Clark
4John Lopez
5Robin Jandle

1Cliff Steele
2Nick Peck
3Andrew Plisko
4Ryan Hunnicutt
5Nate Olsen

Load 2PRO:

Greg Windmiller
Curt Bartholomew
Albert Berchtold
Pawel Piotrowski

1Shane Shafer
2Joe Abeln
3Sven Jseppi
4Jeannie Barthlolmew

1Matt Shull
2Aaron Stocum
3Jared Zell
4Ben Lowe
5 Matt Leonard

Brad Moon
Stephen Perry
Ross Brilakis
John Minos


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