The FLCPA was founded in 2003 by Chris Hayes and Justin Thornton.  They shared a common goal for to create a grassroots league to help turn todays aspiring swoopers to tomorrows champion canopy pilots. 

For four years, Chris acted as the league organizer for the FLCPA and worked hard to help it grow.  In late 2007, I remember nagging Chris for the 2008 schedule of events over a 3 month period.  I was hungry for competition.  In mid December, he walked into the marketing department at PD and I nagged him a bit more “Chris, where’s the FLCPA schedule, where is it, huh?”  Chris turned to me and said “Albert, I think you should make the schedule.”  So after a week of deliberation, I did just that.

I’ve worked hard over the last four years to hold true to the ideals that were passed on to me with the FLCPA.  I’ve tried to constantly improve things and with the help of EVERYONE, WE’VE done just that. 

So what does all this have to do with a new website?  I’d like to see this site as the next step in passing on the ideals of the FLCPA to a bigger and better purpose.  The NSL which is run by Kurt Gabel is a well oiled machine that brings 4-way competitors together from around the world.  It helps grow their discipline.  It provides a support structure for those interested in learning about competition, or starting competitions in their area.  It provides a one stop shop for news.  As Canopy Pilots, if we’re serious about advancing our discipline in a safe and organized manner, we need to pass on the knowledge.  So here’s my attempt at just that. 

Many regional leagues have come and gone.  Why has the FLCPA outlived them all?  We do have great weather down here in Florida, but I don’t think there’s any great secrets.  I’ve got no pyramid schemes here.  Just listening to the competitors and doing what’s best for the league… And a bit of hard work.   The folks who are directing the different regions listed on this site are all on board to try to grow our discipline through a unified SWOOPLEAGUE.  We’re all operating under a common desire to grow canopy piloting through the organization of safe, fun, and educational grassroots competitions.   

Interested in starting something in your region but don’t know how to go it alone?  Give a call to any of the district organizers to discuss how to make it happen.  Lets see if we can build a support system for regional meet organizers.

Together we can push CP to the next level; In competitor performance, respect within our sport through safety, and education amongst each other. 

Here’s to the coming years….

Albert Berchtold 




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