FLCPA Meet #4 Registration list

57 registered. Briefing at 7:00 am. Tentative plan is to start with zone Accuracy after the practice round.

Seva BedrinPro1
Stepan Gurba-Pro2
Peter Kozak-Pro3

Greg Windmiller-Pro1
Paul Rodriguez-Pro2
Andrii Stalnyi-Pro3
Cornelia Mihai-Pro4
Billy Sharman-Pro5

182 sandy
Curt Bartholomew-Pro1
Patrick Kaye-Pro2
Timmy McMaster-Pro3
Gage Galle-Pro4
Joe Abeln-Pro5

206 turbo
Peter Kallehave-Pro1
Rob Wallace-Pro2
Jason Sanders-Pro3
Justin Thornton-Pro4
Justin Price-Pro5

Albert Berchtold-Pro1
Kenneth Gajda-Pro2
Kevin Techer-Pro3

Tom Dellibac-Pro1
Ian Bobo-Pro2
Jessica Edgeington-Pro3
Bryan Buechler-Pro4
Kritter Weiss-Pro5

Julien Guiho-Pro1
Sergey Kotlyarov-Pro2
Yuriy Chernyshov-Pro3
Sven Jseppi-Pro4
Peter Piotrowski-Pro5

206 turbo
Nick Batsch-Pro1
Ryan Brownlow-Pro2
Scott Harper-Pro3
Pablo Hernandez-Pro4
Bart Rogowski-Pro5

Aaron Stoccum-Pro1
Matt Shull-Pro2
Mikeal Stevens-Pro6


Boston Hartley-Ama1
Shaggio Levesque-Ama2
Brand Coates-Ama3
Kelsey Fry-Ama4
Fraser Feltner-Ama5

182 sandy
Kyle Schoonover-Ama1
Jared Zell-Ama2
Jeannie Anderson-Ama3
Nick Peck-Ama4
Brad Moon-Ama5

206 turbo
Justin Judd-Ama1
Ben Crooch-Ama2
Milton Pachon-Ama3
Jaime Tristancho-Ama4
Nick Quigley-Ama5

David Hawley-Ama1
John Nolan-Ama2
Chris Day-Ama3

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2 Responses to FLCPA Meet #4 Registration list

  1. Nick says:

    Hi. Where I can see results? Thanks.

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