FLCPA Meet #1 starts tomorrow morning!

Briefing will be at 7:00am.  Here’s the list of the 48 competitors in exit order.  The plan is to start with Practice load and then run right into speed.

Group order Class you are entering: Last Name First Name
Ama-1 1 Amatuer Martinez Jonathan
Ama-1 2 Amatuer Collins Hollis
Ama-1 3 Amatuer Hannon Gerard
Ama-1 4 Amatuer Harth John
Ama-1 5 Amatuer Moon Bradley
Ama-2 1 Amatuer Hawley David
Ama-2 2 Amatuer Levesque Shaggio
Ama-2 3 Amatuer Kasmar Scott
Ama-2 4 Amatuer Zell Jared
Ama-2 5 Amatuer Castano Wilmar
Ama-3 1 Amatuer Mundry Matt
Ama-3 2 Amatuer Griffin Gavin
Ama-3 3 Amatuer gerlesky paul
Ama-4 1 Amatuer Stone Zak
Ama-4 2 Amatuer Hartley Jonathan
Ama-4 3 Amatuer Schoonover Kyle
Ama-4 4 Amatuer Cribas Carlos
Ama-4 5 Amatuer Kan Andrey
Ama-5 1 Amatuer Karandy Doug
Ama-5 2 Amatuer Feltner Fraser
Ama-5 3 Amatuer Peck Nick
Ama-5 4 Amatuer Lupson Alex
Ama-6 1 Amatuer Judd Justin
Ama-6 2 Amatuer Singletary Steven
Ama-6 3 Amatuer Crooch Jacob
PRO-1 1 PRO Berchtold Albert
PRO-1 2 PRO Windmiller Greg
PRO-1 3 PRO Abeln Joe
PRO-1 4 PRO Mizeur Kelsey
PRO-2 1 PRO Brownlow Ryan
PRO-2 2 PRO Rogowski Bart
PRO-2 3 PRO Weiss Kritter
PRO-2 4 PRO Jseppi Sven
PRO-3 1 PRO Stalnyi Andrii
PRO-3 2 PRO Kotlorov Sergey
PRO-3 3 PRO Chernyshov Yuriy
PRO-4 1 PRO Galle Gage
PRO-4 2 PRO Rodriguez Paul
PRO-4 3 PRO Karlsson Johan
PRO-4 4 PRO Neto Manny
PRO-4 5 PRO Piotrowski Peter
PRO-5 1 PRO Fedotov Sergey
PRO-5 2 PRO Stevens Mikeal
PRO-5 3 PRO McNenney Brian
PRO-5 4 PRO Gajda Kenneth
PRO-6 1 PRO Mitchell William
PRO-6 2 PRO Dutch Ray
PRO-6 3 PRO Hart Alex


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