District Organizer: Albert Berchtold albert@swoopleague.com


For details and benefits of league membership, click here.

2018 Member Pre-registration: $85(by Thursday afternoon preceeding the meet)

2018 Non-Member Pre-registration: $110(by Thursday afternoon preceeding the meet)

2018 Regular Registration $130-For those who forget to preregister, regular registration will apply. All registration forms and payments are being done online, there will no longer be any paper forms to fill out on site.

2018 Meet Registration can be found here Click here.

Competition Preregistration: Those members who preregister will save a few bucks.  It also saves us time on the day of the meet.  If those reasons weren’t enough, those who preregister will get preferred spots in the earlier groups in the aircraft.  Those who forget to preregister will probably be sitting “back of the bus”.  Preregistration is nonrefundable.  Preregistration will be available until Noon on Thursday before the meet.  The registration software is set up to remove the preregistration prices on Thursday. At that point regular registration price will be the only one remaining.

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