Clarifying some questions on canopy restrictions

I’ve had a few folks ask about the canopy restrictions for the intermediate and beginner class. As there are constantly new designs coming out, this part of our rules will need to be constantly modified in order to keep the competition fair and safe.

Here’s a link to the details:
For Intermediate—Canopy restrictions: Ultra high performance canopies such as Peregrine, Petra, HK, or other super duper swoop machines will not be permitted in this class. The top performers in this class may be able to pilot one of these wings, but in a competition setting safety comes first and these wings are not intermediate swoop canopies. Those who own one of these canopies and wish to compete will be asked to fly a more appropriate wing until they have met one below listed criteria to compete in the PRO class.

Can I jump a Valkyrie or Leia  or equivalent with sail internals in the intermediate or beginner class? YES  While this upgrade does most likely increase the performance of the canopy, it could be safely and fairly piloted in this class.

Can I jump a Valkyrie or Leia or equivalent made of all sail or a sail top skin or bottom skin in the Intermediate or beginner class?  NO, After discussing with others this would bring the performance of the canopy to a level where it belongs in the PRO class only.  

Can I jump a Petra or equivalent made of ZP material in the intermediate class?  NO, This design has been deemed appropriate for PRO pilots only.  

I have a prototype high performance canopy and I don’t know what class I should be jumping in?  If you have to ask this question then maybe you should reconsider if you should be jumping an unproven design in competition.

I hope this info helps as you prepare for the upcoming season!

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