Registration Open for 2nd California Competition This Weekend.

The California district will hold its second meet of the year this Saturday May 19th, 2012 at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA. The pond is in great shape and we expect an increased number of competitors from the West Coast region. If you are interested in joining the league you still have an opportunity to do so as we’ll be taking the top 3 scores from the 4 meets. This is the last opportunity on the West Coast to get some training in before Nationals next month.

Register for the meet here at under the California District. The courses are set up so come on out and lets get going!!! See you out there!

FLCPA League Director elected to USPA Board of Directors

Last year when Eric Florio was hired by USPA as director of communications he had to relinquish his seat on the board of directors(USPA staff members may not sit on the Board).  This left an empty seat on the board.  In accordance with the USPA bylaws, the vacant seat on the board would be filled during the next board meeting.  This past weekend I attended the USPA winter board of directors meeting in San Diego,California in hopes filling this open position.    After the vote from the board, they selected yours truly to fill the open position on the Board.

That’s right, there’s a swooper on the USPA Board!  This is a good day for the CP community here in the US.

FAI votes on new CP rules

This past week was the 63rd FAI plenary meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. February 7-12, 2012. Here’s the changes coming for this year…
They had major rule changes to propose for acceptance by the Plenary, both for the Distance and the Speed events. These relate to safety for the competitors and came out of the competitors meeting in Klatovy at the European Championships and World Cup, had been tested by the advisors to the committee and discussed at great length before being presented here. For distance it was proposed that the changes come into effect this year for the Mondial as there is plenty of time for competitors to train with the new rules, the new Speed rules would come into effect next year.

Distance – it is proposed that water is dragged through the entry gate, that there be 5 gates and each gate is set at 1.5 meters. Extension would result in a 0 score. There was a lot of discussion from the floor, particularly from the French Delegation who are very opposed to the introduction of dragging through the first gate, which they consider to be unsafe. The Speed course from 2013 will be a straight course, water must be dragged through 1 – 4 gates and there will be a 0 score for not dragging. The committee also proposed that the world record rules be changed, so that Competition records be under the new rules, but Performance Records be under the old.(from plenary notes)

Keeping in line with these IPC changes, we’ll continue running the “new” distance event, and go back to the “old” carving speed event starting with FLCPA meet #2.

FLCPA Meet #1 Rocked!!!!

What an amazing start to the 2012 season!!! 44 competitors(24 amateur and 20 Pro) showed up to Z-Hills for the first meet of the season.  We put the proposed FAI rules to the test and had some interesting results.  I’ll write up some thoughts on those for a post later this week.  We managed to finish all 308 rounds on Saturday(1practice and 6 comp).  The weather conditions were 2-5m/s and varied from a straight cross wind, to a straight head wind.  We started the day with the zone accuracy event to get the competitors into the proper mindset of dragging water since all the events would now require this skill for the Pro’s.

There were a few water impacts on Friday which was the practice day.  Danny Feltner from Deland earned himself a yellow card as well as Rob Wallace who was pretty sore Saturday morning.  Water Hurts!  Blue Skies Magazine awarded Kritter with a Year’s subscription for being the competitor who used the least amount of his talents as a canopy pilot(Kritter didn’t post up the best meet of his life).

The Saturday evening festivities started off with an advanced viewing of the newest PD office video.  That was followed up by the US Army Golden Knights presenting Albert Berchtold with Honorary Golden Knight.

It was certainly a fierce battle to start off the season.  The top nine competitors all managed to score all six rounds.  The Awards continued with the presentation of the top 10 spots at the meet.  The top five split a cash purse of $1,200.  The top three spots were taken by Tommy Dellibac in third, Curt Bartholomew in silver, and Nick Batsch with the win.
Big thanks to Skydive City for hosting an awesome meet, Performance Designs and Mirage for their support of the league, our judges for their hard work, our meet coach Jay Moledzki and all the competitors who pitched in helping set up and break down courses.
Click here for full results.

Click here for photos!


NEW Rules & Courses for 2012

There are some upcoming rules for the FAI that are slated to have their final review and potentially passed at the plenary meeting coming up in February. These include some pretty big changes to our courses and rules for the speed and distance events. Here’s the short and skinny on the potential new rules. I’ve also included how we’ll be adapting them into the SWOOPLEAGUE pro and amateur classes.

We’re all about staying ahead of the curve so we will be implementing these new courses for the meet this weekend.

Speed: The new speed course will be a straight course measuring 50 meters long(5-5 foot tall gates).  Pro competitors will be required to maintain contact with the water for the first 4 gates(36 meters). Amateur competitors will be timed on the same 5 foot tall- 50 meter course, but dragging will not be required.

Distance:  There are two big changes here.  First, pro competitors will be required to drag the entry gate.  Second, all competitors will be required to stay below 5 feet until they are 50 meters down the course. ie no popping up  til you’re down course.  This change should do two things.  First, it should shorten up the overall distances by requiring a controlled drag and limiting the competitors ability to climb right away.  Second, it should make this event a bit safer by keeping competitors from climbing 10+ feet up in the air and hence reducing some of the blisteringly hard landings we’ve seen lately.

Accuracy: There are no changes slated for the accuracy event at the Pro level.  We’ll make one small change to the amateur class at SWOOPLEAGUE.  Last year, amateur competitors had to eclipse the first 10 foot gate to get any score at all, and eclipse the 5 foot gates to earn the water points.  This year the first 10 foot gate will be removed and replaced with the “infinity gate” we used for this event years ago.  Basically amateur competitors will still need to fly between the first entry gate to enter the course(ie, no hard carving in after the entry gates), but their height does  not matter.  They still need to eclipse the 5 footers to score the water points.

Records: The implementation of these new rules would cause the distance and speed records currently on the books to be retired.  In escence, wiping the slate clean for new State, National, and World records to be set.

Preregistered for FLCPA Meet #1?

1.  Gage Galle-preregistered/member

2.  Brian McNenney-preregistered/member

3.  Zach Stone-preregistered/member

4.  Marko Markovich-preregistered/member

5.  Kritter Weiss-preregistered/member

6.  Ryan Levesque-preregistered/member

7.  Curt Bartholomew-preregistered/member

8.  Jeanie Anderson-preregistered/member

9.  Bart Ragowski-preregistered/member

10.  Tommy Dellibac-preregistered/member

11.  Jessica Edgeington

12.  Rob Wallace- preregistered/member

13.  Kaz Sheekey

14. Manny Neto

15.  Johan Karlsson

16.  Greg Windmiller

17.  Joe Abeln

18. Sven Jseppi

19.  Jerry Hannon

20. Blue Skies Magazine Mystery swooper

21.  Sergey Kotlorov

22. Yuri Chernechov

23. Aaron Stocum

24. Carlos Cribas

25. Peter Bany

Are you attending and don’t see your name here? well then get off your ass and preregister for the meet!!!

2012 season is about to begin!!!

The Dubai championships have completed and we’re a week away from the beginning of the 2012 season!!!  The FLCPA and California districts are both set up and ready to rock.  The schedules are carefully organized to not conflict with each other while building up to the USPA Nationals being held in June at Skydive the Farm. There are some potential rule changes coming down from the FAI this week, so stay tuned in the next few days for an update on those.  Being the premier league we will do our best to implement the most up to date rules into our events.  This will most likely include running the new rules at the first meet in Z-Hills.  No use running old rules right? This will prepare those pilots competing the best opportunities to grow their skills in preparation for the world level events. Next weekend is the first meet in Florida being held at Skydive City in Z-Hills Florida.  We’ve confirmed with management that practice & competition jumps will be only $18.00.  This is great compared to $21.50 we were at last year.  Z-Hills has been growing their aircraft fleet and has a few which are a bit lower cost that will be at our disposal.  They’re also in the process of purchasing a tiller this week for their sanded accuracy pit.  This will keep the accuracy landing area nice and soft throughout the season for meets and training.  Big thanks to Z-Hills for their dedication to our discipline.

Discounted pre-registration for this weeks meet is open until Thursday, so if you want to save yourself 25% on your registration, get-er-done! Jay Moledzki, current world champion, will be the coach at the first FLCPA meet.  Coaching on Saturday(during the meet) is included in your registration.

Jay is available for coaching on Friday for a limited # of jumpers.  You can score smaller group coaching with Jay on Friday for $100. You can preregister for that here.

Adrenaline Obsession to Support California Canopy Piloting Events

The organizers of the California Regional Canopy Piloting events are pleased to announce that Adrenaline Obsession will be the headline sponsor for the 2012 competition season.  Adrenaline Obsession provides sport inspired clothing along with their brand name clothing line.  AO will be designing and providing event T-shirts to each registered participant in the district.   Adrenaline Obsession will also be providing several unique awards during the season which includes awards for the fastest, farthest, and most accurate canopy pilot.  These are in addition to the individual meet medals and prizes provided by the league. The guidelines for these special awards will be outlined prior to the first meet and will be awarded after the conclusion of the final meet.   More information about their clothing line can be found at or by clicking on their logo.

We greatly appreciate the support and we are looking forward to the 2012 competition season.



Swoop Pond Improvements at Z-Hills

It’s almost December here in Florida and the 2012 FLCPA season is right around the corner.  This years first two meets of the FLCPA will be held at Skydive City in Z-Hills Florida, first meet being on the weekend of January 21st.

With the hopes of improving the Zone Accuracy area at Z-Hills, TK has been  exploring options and cost for putting sand or peas into this area.  This week, Skydive City, the PD Factory Team, and the FLCPA  got together to make final arrangements for the sand to be put into the swoop course.

Here’s a few shots of the new and improved landing area.  The sexy guy on the heavy machine is Tom Dellibac Sr.  He’s been working hard on this project to help improve the landing area for us.


The FLCPA was founded in 2003 by Chris Hayes and Justin Thornton. 
They shared a common goal for to create a grassroots league to help
turn todays aspiring swoopers to tomorrows champion canopy pilots.

For four years, Chris acted as the league organizer for the FLCPA and
worked hard to help it grow.  In late 2007, I remember nagging Chris
for the 2008 schedule of events over a 3 month period.  I was hungry
for competition.  In mid December, he walked into the marketing department
at PD and I nagged him a bit more “Chris, where’s the FLCPA schedule,
where is it, huh?”  Chris turned to me and said “Albert, I think you should
make the schedule.”  So after a week of deliberation, I did just that.

I’ve worked hard over the last four years to hold true to the ideals that were passed on to me with the FLCPA.  I’ve tried to constantly improve things and with the help of EVERYONE, WE’VE done just that.

So what does all this have to do with a new website?  I’d like to see this site as the next step in passing on the ideals of the FLCPA to a bigger and better purpose.  The NSL which is run by Kurt Gabel is a well oiled machine that brings 4-way competitors together from around the world.  It helps grow their discipline.  It provides a support structure for those interested in learning about competition, or starting competitions in their area.  It provides a one stop shop for news.  As Canopy Pilots, if we’re serious about advancing our discipline in a safe and organized manner, we need to pass on the knowledge.  So here’s my attempt at just that.

Many regional leagues have come and gone.  Why has the FLCPA outlived them all?  We do have great weather down here in Florida, but I don’t think there’s any great secrets.  I’ve got no pyramid schemes here.  Just listening to the competitors and doing what’s best for the league… And a bit of hard work.   The folks who are directing the different regions listed on this site are all on board to try to grow our discipline through a unified SWOOPLEAGUE.  We’re all operating under a common desire to grow canopy piloting through the organization of safe, fun, and educational grassroots competitions.  

Interested in starting something in your region but don’t know how to go it alone?  Give a call to any of the district organizers to discuss how to make it happen.  Lets see if we can build a support system for regional meet organizers.

Together we can push CP to the next level; In competitor performance, respect within our sport through safety, and education amongst each other.

Here’s to the coming years….

Albert Berchtold

PD BBP Swooper: Pablo Hernandez

If there was a record for being the nicest, selfless competitor on the circuit, our next competitor would hold it.  Some have even call him a “teddybear”.  But watching him swoop you’d never come up with a nickname like that.  When competing, he’s aggressive, fast, and shows no mercy.  He typically lets out a roar during the end of his turn and his canopy screams through the gates faster than many thought possible.  He’s sure to set a few new records for Spain, most likely Europe, and certainly a top contender for the world records as well. 

Name: Pablo Hernandez

Team: PD Factory Team

Country:  Spain

Home DZ:  Lillo

Main Canopy/Color:  Comp Velocity 79 PDFT blue

Approach and direction:  630 right

Exit weight:  220 (including gear and without weight)

# of jumps:  10,500

Competition Highlights:  Bronze medal European championships 2005, speed event gold medal world championships 2008, bronze medal overall world cup 2009

 Sponsors:  Performance Designs, Sunpath products, Skydive Lillo, Liquid sky, Alti-2, Skysystems.

 Other Hobbies/Funfacts: Love to go low and hard!!!

2011 planning still in the works…

Hopefully you gusy have started filling out your vacation requests from work, or planning on how your going to call out sick now that you’ve got next years schedule.
Cash & Medals at each meet:  As we’ve done in past years, we’ll continue to have custom FLCPA medals for the top three finishers & a cash purse at each meet. In 2010 we awarded out just over $5,500 in cash. Thats big money yo!!  This year will be more of the same.  

2010 Medals and trophies

Overall Season Standings & Grand prize:  For those planning on coming out for multiple meets, we’ll track scores throughout the season for league members.  For 2010, we awarded trophies for the top three finishers & we covered registration and jumps at USPA Nationals for the top two placing competitors at the end of the season, Curt Bartholomew, and Warren Cleary. 

Stay tuned for…..

  • 2011 grand prize announcement…
  • Coach listings for the meets 
  • Winter training camps
  • 2011 *Pro* meets  

If your not yet pro qualified, check here to find out how to qualify for pro meets and get invited.

Poll Results

Hi Guys,
Here’s the results to date on the FLCPA locations poll for the 2011 season. If you haven’t voted, go ahead and place your vote!

Skydive The Farm (pond) 22%
Raeford Parachute Center (pond) 21%
Skydive City/Z-Hills (pond) 14%
Skydive Deland (possible pond)13%
Skydive Palatka 12%
Skydive Sebastian 9%
Air Adventures Clewiston 4%
Skydive Miami 3%
Skydive Coleman 3%
School of Human Flight-Talahassee 0 0%

Welcome to the new page

So with our old site being tough for me to update directly, I’m thinking about switching the page over to a blog type page.  This should allow me to update scores, let peeps know about upcoming meets, training camps, changes to the schedule, post pictures, etc.

So I’ll probably have an email sign up shortly, and link it through to facebook to keep ya’ll up to speed.  leave comments if there’s anything you want to see up here…

Here’s a nice pic of your favorite Judge Eric….

Our fearless Chief Judge Eric

2010 Schedule

Meet #1 Skydive Sebastian-January 2-3
Coach Jay Moledzki

Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills- February 6-7
Coach Slipstream AirSports

Meet #3 Palatka, FL April 10-11
Coach Jay Moledzki

Meet #4 Raeford Parachute Center, NC May 15-16
Coach Ian Bobo

Meet #5 Skydive the Farm, GA June 12-13
Coach Shannon Pilcher

The meet schedule will be the same for all the meets, weather permitting for the 2010 season

Registration is open on Friday before the meet

On the competition day there is one mandatory practice load for all people who are showing up on the day of the competition and do not get to practice on the day before. Everyone must make at least one practice jump to see the course before competition.

I’m going to be setting courses up on Friday mornings, so your welcome to come out and practice. And if you want them up earlier…come help me out and lend a hand!

Competition day
All times are approximate
8 am Competitor briefing
9 am practice load
10:00 Competition begins