2018 Medals

The 2018 Medals are in!!!!!

Cast medals for the open & intermediate class are engraved on the back with the meet#, location and placing.

Our beginner class medals once again has the prior years overall beginner class champion.  This year Evan Pritchard has that honor!!!

IMG_0348 IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0352

2018 Coaches

One of the most awesome parts of participating in the FLCPA is learning!!  From its inception this league has been about giving people a place to compete and become better pilots through creating an environment of constructive learning and progression.  Each meet one of the PRO pilots takes their Friday to act as the “meet coach” and give out tips and tricks to all the registered competitors.  If the weather is great, then they’ll be pondside to give you some instant feedback as soon as you land.  A few constructive words that you can take into your next training jump.  If the weather doesn’t allow for jumping, we’ll schedule some seminars on competition piloting, or q&a with the coach.

Here’s a rundown of the coaches for 2018.  We’re happy to welcome back some of the old hats who have probably forgotten more skills than you have.  This year we’re also adding a few new coaches to the ranks with different flying styles and competition attitudes.  You can learn something different from each of them.  There’s learning to be had!

Meet #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 24-25

Ian Bobo by Jim HarrisIan Bobo

PD Factory Team




Meet #2 Skydive Sebastian  March 24-25

Curt BCurt Bartholomew

Alter Ego




Meet #3  Skydive City Z-Hills April 21-22

JuJustin Price by Mike Mcgowanstin Price

PD Factory Team




Meet #4 West Tenn Skydiving May 19-20

GW walking

Greg Windmiller

Superior Flight Solutions




Meet #5 Skydive Paraclete XP June 9-10

Travis MillsTravis Mills

PD Factory Team




Meet #6  Skydive Sebastian September TBD  (Pre-Nationals)

Jeannie Bartholomew by Manu CherryJeannie Bartholomew

Alter Ego


2018 FLCPA Schedule

Game on people!  It’s time to get ready for 2018.  Start planning your excuses to call out of work cuz it’s on like donkey kong!!!!  This year we’ll be hosting 6 regular season meets.  We’re sorting out the Friday coaches so we’ll announce those next month.










Meet #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 24-25
Meet #2 Skydive Sebastian  March 24-25
Meet #3  Skydive City Z-Hills April 21-22
Meet #4 West Tenn Skydiving May 19-20
Meet #5 Skydive Paraclete XP June 9-10
Meet #6  Skydive Sebastian September TBD  (Pre-Nationals)

2017 Meet #6 Registration

EXIT ORDER If there is any changes, see Greg Windmiller


Jussi Sistonen-Lonnroth
Richo Healy
John Haley
Lindsay Wheeler

Edward Heady
David Williams
Billy Donovan
Tom Esposito

Jens Esselstrom
Pete Lubrano
Pat Kessler
Evan Pritchard

Jesse Weyher
Jeremy Moss
Matt Koch
Bryan Buffaloe
Justin Anderson

Alex Hart
Ricky Nelson
Kevin Haugh
Scott Robinson
Logan Donovan
Shaggio Levesque

Greg Windmiller
Joe Abeln
Jared Zell
Brad Moon
John López

Curt Bartholomew
Jeannie Bartholomew
Ryan Brownlow
Jay Sanders
Nick Peck


Paul Rodriguez
Travis Mills
Justin Price
Matt Leonard
Pawel Piotrowski

Scott Harper
Ron Naperala
Cornelia Mihai
*Kieran Baldwin

Ben Crooch
Shane Sediel
Ross Brilakis
Cliff Steele
*Robert Brockman

Who’s winning the season overall so far?

We’re 3 meets into the 2017 season and there are battles for top spots in all three classes this year.  For 2017 the season overalls will take the top 4 placings for each competitor and combine them for a season overall score.  For those competitors who attend all six meets, they will drop their lowest two places.  For those who can’t attend all six, well they’ll still stand a good chance of placing well as long as they can be consistent in the meets they attend.

2017 after meet 3 resultsPRO Class: At meet #1 Jay Sanders came out of the gates charging claiming the first gold medal of the season.  In the second meet he took 9th, and wasn’t able to attend meet #3, so he’ll have some work to do to get back into a top spot as the season progresses.  Returning champion Curt Bartholomew grabbed a silver and two gold medals so far putting him in the first place spot so far after three meets.

Justin Price is sitting in second, and Jeannie Bartholomew is close on his heels in third.  But the season is far from over… Shane Seydel has a second and third under his belt, Greg Windmiller has a third, and newcomer to the PRO Class John Lopez from the US Army Golden Knights has a 4th and 5th and certainly within striking distance of the podium.

Lots of things can change once the lowest places start dropping later in the season.

Alex Hart

Photo by: Tyler Roemer

Intermediate Class: Alex Hart from Start Skydiving is currently leading the pack with a 1st, 4th, and 5th place finish.  PD Engineering & Test Jumper Jens Esselstrom is chilling in second, and all the way from Hawaii, Pat Kessler is sitting in third with a 13th, 1st, and 3rd place finish.

But this class is full of strong flyers this season, Ricky Nelson sitting in 4th overall just secured the gold medal in Sebastian last weekend. Nate Clark and Brian Redfield both have a 2nd and 3rd place finish this season, and Nick Peck has a 2nd and 5th.  These guys are all in striking position of the podium.

intermediateBeginner Class: 2017 is our first season running the beginner class and man has it exceeded our expectations!  The turnout has been awesome.  So many of these guys said they were intimidated in years past, but now with the beginner class, they’re giving competitive CP a try!

Evan Pritchard has started out strong with two gold medals and leading the pack.  Jussi Sistonen-Lonnroth is sitting in second, with David Williams right on his heels.  But like the PRO and Intermediate classes, this division will be won by the competitor who can show their consistency through the entire season.

The second half of the season kicks off in two days at West Tennessee skydiving at their new purpose built pond.  We’re super excited to have this new venue on the schedule!

The season overall results can be found here:  http://controltower.io/flcpa/season/

US Canopy Piloting Team Raffle- Winner Take ALL!!!!

Win the complete skydiving package!!!

The U.S. Canopy Piloting Team is once again holding a Winner Take All raffle. Tickets are $50 each and only 200 tickets will be sold.

us team 2016You can purchase as many tickets as you would like until the 200 tickets are sold. If you would like to donate to the Canopy Piloting team, any donations are greatly appreciated, but $50 is the minimum amount that will need to be donated in order to have a chance at the Winner Take All raffle.

The drawing will be done once the last ticket is sold or by Aug 5th, whichever comes first and the winner will be announced via Facebook This raffle is held every year and usually sells out in less than 2 weeks, so act now!!!!!
The US canopy piloting team will be representing the U.S. this year at the World Championships in Farnham Canada in August. Last year at the World Cup the U.S. team took 8 of the 12 medals as well as all the Gold except for one and swept the speed podium. With your help, we would like to get our athletes there again! The prize package includes amazing prizes from all of our sponsors.
us team 2016 lChuting Star – A Sunpath Javelin Oddesy (any options must be covered by the winner) A Performance Designs main canopy (non cross-braced) An Optimum reserve and a Chuting Star gear bag.
Paraclete XP – 1 hour of tunnel time
Vigil – 40% off a Vigil 2 or Vigil Extreme
Alti-2 – 2 Atlas Digital/audio altimeters
Liquid Sky – the base price off of a pair of swoop pants
Cookie – a G-3 helmet
Hypoxic – A turned on unit for a Go Pro
Fly Sight – A fly sight unit
Superior Flight Solutions – 1 canopy course / day of coaching with Greg Windmiller
To donate to the team or enter in the drawing. You can make your payment through pay pal to uscpteam@yahoo.com Please send funds as family and friends or it will deduct funds and not qualify you for the drawing. Please include the following information in the remarks section.
Your name
Phone number
Email address.
Good luck to everyone and thank you for your support.

Sebastian season opener-only one week away!

Fresh 300 reline, check. Reserve in date, check. Hotel and car reservations made, check. The 2016 season is about to begin!!!!
The preregistration list can be found here.

A couple reminders:

*Is my reserve, and USPA membership in date?
*Don’t forget to preregistration by Thursday noon in order to save$$.
*Safety & competition briefing will be Friday at sunset.
*Amateurs-please read and understand turn and wing load safety restrictions for your class. Any questions, please ask.
*We’ll be running the new 2016 FAI rules which were just adopted a couple weeks ago.
*As mentioned earlier, we’ll be lowering the cash prizes this year in order to purchase a new ultrasonic anemometer.

Here’s a couple Arial shots of the new pond in Sebastian. It looks pretty awesome!!!

The Race for the Season Overalls Heats Up

With three of the four meets completed for the season, the race for the best season overall placings is heating up.  the top placing PRO and Amateur win the title of Season Champion, a sweet plaque, and have their registration and competition jumps paid at USPA Nationals.

We calculate the season overalls by assigning a point value to each place.  1st place is worth 100, second place is worth 98.5 and so on.  At the end of the season your lowest placing is dropped.

2015 pro season after 3In the PRO Class, Curt Bartholomew and Gage Galle have 1st and 2nd locked down.  The race in this class is for the third place slot.  Albert Berchtold is sitting in 3rd with 285 points.  That’s a 7 point lead on Justin Price in fourth and 8 points over  Scott Harper who is also in the hunt for a podium seat this season.  If Justin or Scott can secure a top place and beat Albert by a few spots the podium is still in reach.

2015 Ama season overalls after 3In the Amateur class, Ben Lowe and Rob Harris are sitting in first and second respectively.  They’re likely to keep places on the podium, but which ones will depend on how well they do at meet 4.  Stephen Perry is sitting in third overall and hoping to hold on or move up with a good performance next month.  In fourth place is Pawel Piotrowski who was leading the Amateur class going into meet 3, but unfortunately he took a tumble coming out of the speed course early in the meet and couldn’t finish.  His tumble earned him a broken rib so while he’s still within reach of the podium with a good performance in meet 4, his return this season is questionable.  Also in the hunt is Ross Brilakis currently sitting in fifth.  If we look down the list we also see a sleeping giant in tenth place.  Fraser Feltner with two third place finishes could spring back up to the podium with a strong placement in meet four.  The season is definitely not over for these guys and we’re likely to see some shuffling around of the places at the fourth meet.

The Amateurs are all also looking for a solid finish to the season as the top placing Amateurs will move up to the PRO class at the end of the season.

The season standings can be found here  http://controltower.io/flcpa/season/



FLCPA 2015 Season Dates

It’s that time of the year again!!! Time to turn in your vacation schedule to your boss for the FLCPA meets!  It will be February before you know it and you’ll be on your way to sunny Florida to compete in the 2015 season (smiling yet?)

Well Here ya go!!!!

Meet #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 21-22

Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 14-15

Meet #3 Raeford Parachute Center May 16-17

Meet #4 Raeford Parachute Center June 12-13(Fri-Sat)

We’re condensing the 2015 season to 4 meets so you’re not going to want to miss any of the meets!  The last meet of the season will begin on Friday to align with USPA nationals which will begin on Monday June 15th.

Registration pages will be up next month, and some more updates to the rules will be coming soon as well!

CRCPL Meet #3 This Weekend!

Due to international competition and organizer conflicts, the CRCPL Meets #2 and #3 were scheduled only a couple weeks apart. Meet #2 was held on June 29th at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA with Meet #3 scheduled for this weekend (7/13/13).


Meet #2 was a big success with 17 total competitors, 10 in the advanced group and 7 in the pro group. The CRCPL took a big step forward when Richard “Buzz” Bennett volunteered his time to hold a Regional canopy piloting judge rating course. The course started on Friday the 28th and concluded with the end of the meet on June 29th. The course was a success with the league now having several Regionally rated judges. The immediate benefit to the league is standardization and the ability to record and submit California state canopy piloting records. If anyone is interested in becoming a league judge, please contact the league organizers at jacketsdb23@gmail.com to get more information. The continued success of this league is dependent on all of our canopy pilots and our volunteer judges that commit so much time and energy.

The league was also pleased to introduce the timing system for the speed course, which allowed us to not only quickly enter scores for all of the competitors (substantially reducing the time it takes to score the speed rounds) but also to submit CA state speed records.


Meet #2 was extremely hot with temperatures exceeding 105F out on the course. For speed and distance rounds, there was a steady head wind of 6 – 8 mph. The winds picked up slightly mid-afternoon and the competition went on a 2 hour hold as the judges got themselves hydrated and the course was switched over to zone accuracy. The top spot in the advanced group went to Alex Cashman with 522 points edging out Steven Whittenburg with 475 points. Cynthia Currie rounded out the top three with 434 points. With 10 total competitors and less than 85 points separating places 2 – 5, the advanced group has an extremely competitive field.

In the pro group the 7 competitors battled for a top three finish with 4 competitors battling fiercely for the top spot. After the final zone accuracy run, Scott Harper held on to first place with a score of 563 points, Albert Berchtold followed up with 524 points, and Ryan Brownlow got 3rd with a score of 510 points.


In addition to the top three finishes, two new California state records were recorded and submitted to USPA for approval. Ryan Brownlow finshed with the top distance of 319.40 ft and Scott Harper finished with a top speed time of 2.954 seconds. Full competition scores can be found here for both groups.


The league looks forward to another meet, with several additional competitors already committing to Meet #3. We expect over 20 competitors this weekend out at Skydive Sacramento. We hope to see you there!

CRCPL 2013

Season Finale Meet 5

Reminder that we’re starting at Noon on Friday with the briefing. We will forego the formal practice round but it will be necessary for everyone to plan on making at least one jump in the morning. The last practice jumps will depart on the bus no later than 11:00am so that they can be back on the ground at the pond by noon. Don’t sleep in and show up at 10:55 expecting to get on a practice load.

Ben Crooch-Ama
Jonathan Martinez-Ama
Kyle Schoonover-Ama
Justin Judd-Ama
Brad Moon-Ama
Jared Zella-Ama
Boston Hartley-Ama

Peter Piotrowski-Pro
Jessica Edgeington-Pro
Curt Bartholomew-Pro
Albert Berchtold-Pro
Greg Windmiller-Pro
Joe Abeln-Pro
Rob Wallace-Pro
Ian Drennan-Pro

Albert Berchtold and Max Bond take home 1st place medals

The California Regional Canopy Piloting League kicked off its 2013 season on Saturday April 20th with 21 competitors. Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA hosted the very successful event, which saw all 6 rounds completed by the end of the day. Although the competitors had two days of near ideal conditions for practice, Saturday morning came with 10 – 14 mph head winds for both the speed and distance rounds. This same head wind turned into a downwind for the first Zone accuracy round – which made for a nail biting and exhilarating experience for the competitors, judges, and spectators.

Steve Whittenburg excited to be finished with Zone Acc. Round 1. Photo by Katie Blain.

Steve Whittenburg excited to be finished with Zone Acc. Round 1. Photo by Katie Blain.

The competition went on a 2 hour wind hold, and as the sun started to set, the winds died down to almost nothing allowing for the final Zone Accuracy run of the competition.

Scott Harper navigates the Zone Accuracy course.   Photo by Steven Hudoba.

Scott Harper navigates the Zone Accuracy course. Photo by Steven Hudoba.

In the pro group, 11 competitors registered for the meet and battled hard for the top three positions despite the very challenging winds. 3rd place finish went to Paul Rodriguez, 2nd place to Scott Harper, and 1st place was won by Albert Berchtold. Entire results and individual run scores can be seen on the results page.

Pro Group Podium - 3rd Paul Rodriguez, 2nd Scott Harper, 1st Albert Berchtold.  Photo by Steven Hudoba.

Pro Group Podium – 3rd Paul Rodriguez, 2nd Scott Harper, 1st Albert Berchtold. Photo by Steven Hudoba.

In a sign of the continued growth of the CRCPL, 10 competitors registered for the Advanced group. The league is now giving overall medals for the advanced group as well, which was very well received by the competitors. Dave Hawley took home 3rd place, while Alex Cashman took home a 2nd place medal, and Max Bond from San Diego took home the 1st place medal. The difference between 3rd place and fourth place finisher Will Whittenburg was 12 points. It was a very tight competition, very technical, and extremely challenging conditions. All of the competitors did a fantastic job.

Advanced Group Podium - 3rd Dave Hawley, 2nd Alex Cashman, 1st Max Bond.  Photo by Steven Hudoba.

Advanced Group Podium – 3rd Dave Hawley, 2nd Alex Cashman, 1st Max Bond. Photo by Steven Hudoba.

We would like to thank all of our judges and organizers who volunteered their time to score and run this meet. Thanks to Pat Garcia, DZO of Skydive Sacramento, for allowing us the opportunity to promote the discipline of Canopy Piloting in Northern California and special recognition to our sponsors. Adrenaline Obsession, Sierra Nevada, Go Fast, Blue Skies Magazine, PD, and all of our photographers..thank you! The league is continuing to grow and you still have time to join the league for the final three meets. Our next competition is on June 29th. See you all at Nationals!

Photos of the competition by Steven Hudoba.

Video – Round 2 of Zone Accuracy by Steven Hudoba.

Skydive the Farm season finale 9 round meet!

To keep things fresh and after chatting with a few of you, we’ve decided to have a 9 round meet for the season finale at Skydive the Farm.

Start Time:  May 31 Friday at 12:00(noon)

End time: June 2 Sunday by 12:00(noon)

So what should we do for the extra 3 rounds?  I’ve heard suggestions for straight dragging speed, carved dragging speed, old distance…. Leave a comment on the FB page with your suggestions and we’ll make a decision soon..



Bring it Ricky Bobby!

If you wanna go fast, here’s a list of the current State and National records up for grabs at the FLCPA this season.  Two new Florida state records were set last weekend at meet #1.

Longest Distance General-

2012, Competition, Dubai, 154.09m *National Record* Nick Batsch

2013, Competition, Florida, 95.36m  Paul Rodriguez

2012, Competition, Georgia, 151.95m Nick Batsch

2012, Competition, North   Carolina, 128.74m Thomas Dellibac

Longest Distance Female-

2012, Competition, Georgia, 120.18m *National Record* Jessica Edgeington

Fastest Speed General-

2012, Georgia, 2.404sec. *National Competition Record* Greg Windmiller

2012, North   Carolina, 2.320sec. Thomas Dellibac

2013, Florida, 2.476sec. Greg Windmiller

Fastest Speed Female-

2012, Georgia, 2.605sec.  *National Record* Jessica Edgeington

Brian McNenney wins FLCPA #1 in Z-Hills

What an amazing start to the 2013 season!  Fourty-eight competitors arrived from around the world to compete in Z-Hills this past weekend.  Twenty-five competitors entered the Amatuer class and Twenty-three entered the PRO class.  Saturday morning was a chilly start at 7:00am which started as the sun peeked over the horizon. The competition started with the speed event where US Army Golden Knight Greg IMG_9981Windmiller set a new Florida state speed record with the fastest time of the meet at 2.476 seconds.  As the winds rotated around through the afternoon the tail wind of speed turned into a crosswind, and eventually to a headwind for the last round of distance.  Paul Rodriguez of Southern California established a new record at 95.36 meters during the second round of the distance event.

Sunday morning was a chilly one in Florida.  The start was delayed about an hour due to frost!  We managed to complete the first round of Accuracy and about 1/2 of the second round before the winds kicked up over the limits and ended the meet.

IMG_9872At the end of the 5 rounds Jerry Hannon from New York had worked his way into third place overall.  Albert Berchtold secured the second place and Brian McNenney took home the gold medal as the victor of the first FLCPA of the 2013 season.

A big thanks to our Judges; Jolene, Eric, Dan, Ori, Cindy, & Kevin.  Our meet host Skydive City, and our FLCPA league supporters; Performance Designs, Mirage, and Adrenaline Obsession.  Full results for the meet can be found here.

FLCPA Meet #1 starts tomorrow morning!

Briefing will be at 7:00am.  Here’s the list of the 48 competitors in exit order.  The plan is to start with Practice load and then run right into speed.

Group order Class you are entering: Last Name First Name
Ama-1 1 Amatuer Martinez Jonathan
Ama-1 2 Amatuer Collins Hollis
Ama-1 3 Amatuer Hannon Gerard
Ama-1 4 Amatuer Harth John
Ama-1 5 Amatuer Moon Bradley
Ama-2 1 Amatuer Hawley David
Ama-2 2 Amatuer Levesque Shaggio
Ama-2 3 Amatuer Kasmar Scott
Ama-2 4 Amatuer Zell Jared
Ama-2 5 Amatuer Castano Wilmar
Ama-3 1 Amatuer Mundry Matt
Ama-3 2 Amatuer Griffin Gavin
Ama-3 3 Amatuer gerlesky paul
Ama-4 1 Amatuer Stone Zak
Ama-4 2 Amatuer Hartley Jonathan
Ama-4 3 Amatuer Schoonover Kyle
Ama-4 4 Amatuer Cribas Carlos
Ama-4 5 Amatuer Kan Andrey
Ama-5 1 Amatuer Karandy Doug
Ama-5 2 Amatuer Feltner Fraser
Ama-5 3 Amatuer Peck Nick
Ama-5 4 Amatuer Lupson Alex
Ama-6 1 Amatuer Judd Justin
Ama-6 2 Amatuer Singletary Steven
Ama-6 3 Amatuer Crooch Jacob
PRO-1 1 PRO Berchtold Albert
PRO-1 2 PRO Windmiller Greg
PRO-1 3 PRO Abeln Joe
PRO-1 4 PRO Mizeur Kelsey
PRO-2 1 PRO Brownlow Ryan
PRO-2 2 PRO Rogowski Bart
PRO-2 3 PRO Weiss Kritter
PRO-2 4 PRO Jseppi Sven
PRO-3 1 PRO Stalnyi Andrii
PRO-3 2 PRO Kotlorov Sergey
PRO-3 3 PRO Chernyshov Yuriy
PRO-4 1 PRO Galle Gage
PRO-4 2 PRO Rodriguez Paul
PRO-4 3 PRO Karlsson Johan
PRO-4 4 PRO Neto Manny
PRO-4 5 PRO Piotrowski Peter
PRO-5 1 PRO Fedotov Sergey
PRO-5 2 PRO Stevens Mikeal
PRO-5 3 PRO McNenney Brian
PRO-5 4 PRO Gajda Kenneth
PRO-6 1 PRO Mitchell William
PRO-6 2 PRO Dutch Ray
PRO-6 3 PRO Hart Alex


California Region Announces Competition Dates!

The CRCPL will consist of four meets in 2013! All of the meets will be held at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA.

Dates are as follows:

Meet #1 – April 20th, 2013

Meet #2 – June 29th, 2013

Meet #3 – July 13th, 2013

Meet #4 – September 21st, 2013

A big thank you to Adrenaline Obsession who will again be supporting our league.

Many of our members travel to the FLCPA meets and attend national / international competitions, so our schedule has been set accordingly. If you have any questions please contact us at jacketsdb23@gmail.com. More details to follow in the coming months!

We look forward to seeing you in 2013!!

Final California Event for 2012 – This Weekend

This weekend, the 2012 California Regional Canopy Piloting League will be holding its final meet of the year at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA. The league will be giving out end of they year awards along with special awards presented by Adrenaline Obsession. After sunset, there will be music, BBQ, and night pond swoops.
Ryan Brownlow holds the lead in the pro group and Walt Hawkins is holding first in the advanced group. A lot can change in this meet as the league will be taking the competitors top three scores of the four meets. We are expecting a few new pilots for this meet. Come swoop, come watch, come help judge, but make sure you are there for the years best event. Full competition course will be up by Friday morning. Most competitors will be practicing Friday with a few arriving on Thursday. Wheels up by 8am on Saturday for the practice round, with the safety briefing starting at 7:30am sharp by the pond. Please register online here.

See you at Skydive Sacramento!

California Meet #3 Results

Scott Harper during an accuracy run. Photo by Esther Kim

On Saturday July 28th, Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA held the 3rd event in the California Regional Canopy Piloting series. This was the most successful Northern California meet in recent memory. Seventeen canopy pilots arrived to compete, with 11 pilots competing in the pro/open group and 6 in the amateur/advanced group. Our volunteer judges, as always, were the reason for our successful competition. Thank you to all of our judges who spent the entire day out in field to make this happen.
The weather conditions were good with a slight cross wind most of the day, and some tricky thermals in the early afternoon during the accuracy runs. All six rounds were completed for both groups. The results were as follows:

Yuri Garmashov on a distance run. Photo by Esther Kim.
Pro Pilots:
1st Place – Yuri Garmashov (523 Points)
2nd Place – Joe Abeln – US Army Golden Knights (487 Points)
3rd Place – Scott Harper – Adrenaline Obsession (446 Points)

David Hawley enters the accuracy course. Photo by Esther Kim.
Advanced Pilots:
1st Place – David Hawley (458 Points)
2nd Place – Jared Zell – US Army Golden Knights (440 Points)
3rd Palce – Justin Judd (360 Points)

Congratulations to all of the pilots who competed. Several competitors logged their first canopy piloting competition ever, and will be competing at future events. We plan to make the last meet of the year, September 8th – the most memorable of the year! If you are interested in competing, please email us for more information at jacketsdb23@gmail.com. We will update the league standings in a follow up post to see just where our pilots need to place to make the top three for the 2012 season!

Full results can be seen here.