West Tennessee Skydiving breaks ground on their swoop pond!

image1West Tennessee Skydiving is pleased to announce breaking ground on their 300′ x 80 ‘ north/south swoop pond.  The pond will be fed by the DZ well and will feature an aerator pump to keep the water clean and fresh.

Initially, accuracy will run south, distance will run north and speed will be both directions.

DZ amenities include the fastest climbing aircraft in the country, indoor air-conditioned packing for everyone, swimming pool, showers, laundry room, wi-fi, and RV hookups. When swooping south competitors will land 150ft from the entrance of the air-conditioned packing area and will load the aircraft in the attached drive-thru hangar. http://www.SkydiveKingAir.com



2011 Meet #3 Practice Day


There were 15 competitors out for the practice day today.  The speed and zone accuracy courses were up for the day.  The forecast for tomorrow is a little windy in the afternoon.  We’ll be starting with the safety briefing at 8am tomorrow and then going immediately into the practice run, and then onto the speed event.  Here’s a bit of footage from todays practice runs.  You’ll want to watch til the end, there’s a funny one there…

Florida Swoop Club Starts next week!

Next Friday Nov. 19th will be the first Swoop Club at Skydive Palatka. 

We plan to be setting up regulation courses, with sensors, and some days will have full-time video. We will also be doing the club the weekend before each FLCPA meet so that you can tune up. There will be coaching, and goodies available to regular attendees. Jumps will be $13 ea.  If you haven’t been out for one of these training days, your missing out! 

 If there is a schedule that works better for you please let us know but until we hear different they will be on Fridays, with some possibly on Saturdays the week before the FLCPA meets (depending on demand etc.).

FMI Contact Scott@slipstreamairsports.com

See you guys there!