Will you be the top PRO in 2018?

2017 PRO OverallFor the last 5 years in a row Curt Bartholomew from Team Alter Ego has taken the top slot for the FLCPA season overall standings.  He’s won 6 times if you include 2010, but 2011 was won by Nick Batsch, and in 2012 Tommy Dellibac took the top spot.  In 2013 Curt found his place back on top of the FLCPA season overall and seems to have set up camp there and swats away anyone who tries to take his title.

Annual Champion Trophies for each class

Annual Champion Trophies for each class

Will he be able to hold on to the top seat in 2018?  The competitions certainly aren’t getting easier, but the FLCPA overall title is a marathon, and not a sprint.  Taking the first place is certainly attainable for one meet, but keeping yourself up there for the whole season is a bit more difficult.  With seasoned competitors like Greg Windmiller, Justin Price, Travis Mills, Matt Shull, Jay Sanders, Paul Rodriguez on your heels it won’t be easy to stay on top this year.  And the new Pro’s are certainly aiming high after seeing their performances at US Nationals.

So game on….  It’s time to start training if you want to see your name next to 2018…..


West Tennessee Skydiving breaks ground on their swoop pond!

image1West Tennessee Skydiving is pleased to announce breaking ground on their 300′ x 80 ‘ north/south swoop pond.  The pond will be fed by the DZ well and will feature an aerator pump to keep the water clean and fresh.

Initially, accuracy will run south, distance will run north and speed will be both directions.

DZ amenities include the fastest climbing aircraft in the country, indoor air-conditioned packing for everyone, swimming pool, showers, laundry room, wi-fi, and RV hookups. When swooping south competitors will land 150ft from the entrance of the air-conditioned packing area and will load the aircraft in the attached drive-thru hangar. http://www.SkydiveKingAir.com



2015 Medal Sponsor-Alter Ego

We’re happy to announce that our friends at Alter Ego have stepped up for the 2015 season and offered to cover the costs of the medals and plaques this year.  “So many of us alter ego logo1on Alter Ego either started in the FLCPA , or regularly attend the meets to train, we want to give something back.  We want to help the community grow.” said Curt Bartholomew.

Earlier this week I sat down with Curt and we went through books and picked out the medals for this year.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see them….

Results Archive page for non-FLCPA meets

Trying to find meet results once a meet has passed is kind of a pain in the A$$!  trying to remember the host website, is tough and they’re always changing.  So I said to myself “Self, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a site to go to where we could find historical results for a bunch of the major canopy piloting meets, you know, a one stop shop?”  Well of course! so me and myself have compiled some information and built another archive page for meet results for non-FLCPA meets

It’s in now way a complete list of all the competitions that have happened, but should be a pretty good resource page if you want to check back at results from meets in the last few years. 

If you have a PDF file of the results of any events not listed, and think they should be, just email them to me and I’ll add them.  Here’s a link to the page, and I’ve added it to the menubar at the top of the site as well.

2011 Planning

Micah Couch drags the accuracy course at STF 2010.

Now that the 2010 season is over I’m curious to hear any suggestions you guys may have.  Are there any locations you would like to see a meet next year? Any rule changes you’d like to see?  Any suggestions for how we can get everyone to show up on time for the briefing;-)  You can email me any ideas albertb@performancedesigns.com or leave a comment on this post if you want.

Also if you enjoyed the course markers we used this year, keep your fingers crossed.  PD is looking into the possibility of getting a few that are 10 foot tall.  If you appreciated the course markers they’ve allowed us to use and allowing me the time to help keep the leage going(sometimes during work hours, shh don’t tell), don’t hesitate to let them know by emailing support@performancedesigns.com