PRO/AM test competition in Raeford

Chatting with Greg Windmiller from the Golden Knights we came up with a fun plan for this weekend’s FLCPA meet in Raeford.  After the draw is done and exit orders are assigned, we’ll be matching up each PRO with a random Amateur competitor.  That Amateur will be their “Little Brother” for the meet.  The PRO and Amateur can watch their team mate, and give them little tips through the meet.

At the end of the meet, we’ll average their scores for a “Team” score.  The highest scoring team will be recognized as the team winner for the meet with a cash prize to split.

So, you don’t have to win the meet by yourself to take home some cash, you can take home some cash by helping out your fellow swooper…

2011 Coaches

Brian McNenney Competition Seminar

Here’s a quick update on the coach status for the 2011 season.  For those of you new to the league, the FLCPA has a coach onsite for each meet.  This Pro level pilot is onsite to oversee the meet as a highly qualified and seasoned competitor.  They’ll watch runs and give tips, be available should you have any questions as you prepare for and compete during the day.  Use them as a resource should you have any questions.  Here’s a list of the coaches signed up for each meet

Meet #1 Skydive Deland- Ian Bobo, PD Factory team

Meet #2 Z-Hills- Jay Moledzki-PD Factory team

Meet #3-Palatka-Jay Moledzki-PD Factory team

Meet #4- Raeford-TBD-Slipstream Air Sports

Meet #5-Skydive The Farm-TBD

Ian Bobo