California Meet #3 Results

Scott Harper during an accuracy run. Photo by Esther Kim

On Saturday July 28th, Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA held the 3rd event in the California Regional Canopy Piloting series. This was the most successful Northern California meet in recent memory. Seventeen canopy pilots arrived to compete, with 11 pilots competing in the pro/open group and 6 in the amateur/advanced group. Our volunteer judges, as always, were the reason for our successful competition. Thank you to all of our judges who spent the entire day out in field to make this happen.
The weather conditions were good with a slight cross wind most of the day, and some tricky thermals in the early afternoon during the accuracy runs. All six rounds were completed for both groups. The results were as follows:

Yuri Garmashov on a distance run. Photo by Esther Kim.
Pro Pilots:
1st Place – Yuri Garmashov (523 Points)
2nd Place – Joe Abeln – US Army Golden Knights (487 Points)
3rd Place – Scott Harper – Adrenaline Obsession (446 Points)

David Hawley enters the accuracy course. Photo by Esther Kim.
Advanced Pilots:
1st Place – David Hawley (458 Points)
2nd Place – Jared Zell – US Army Golden Knights (440 Points)
3rd Palce – Justin Judd (360 Points)

Congratulations to all of the pilots who competed. Several competitors logged their first canopy piloting competition ever, and will be competing at future events. We plan to make the last meet of the year, September 8th – the most memorable of the year! If you are interested in competing, please email us for more information at We will update the league standings in a follow up post to see just where our pilots need to place to make the top three for the 2012 season!

Full results can be seen here.

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