Bring it Ricky Bobby!

If you wanna go fast, here’s a list of the current State and National records up for grabs at the FLCPA this season.  Two new Florida state records were set last weekend at meet #1.

Longest Distance General-

2012, Competition, Dubai, 154.09m *National Record* Nick Batsch

2013, Competition, Florida, 95.36m  Paul Rodriguez

2012, Competition, Georgia, 151.95m Nick Batsch

2012, Competition, North   Carolina, 128.74m Thomas Dellibac

Longest Distance Female-

2012, Competition, Georgia, 120.18m *National Record* Jessica Edgeington

Fastest Speed General-

2012, Georgia, 2.404sec. *National Competition Record* Greg Windmiller

2012, North   Carolina, 2.320sec. Thomas Dellibac

2013, Florida, 2.476sec. Greg Windmiller

Fastest Speed Female-

2012, Georgia, 2.605sec.  *National Record* Jessica Edgeington

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