CRCPL Meet #3 This Weekend!

Due to international competition and organizer conflicts, the CRCPL Meets #2 and #3 were scheduled only a couple weeks apart. Meet #2 was held on June 29th at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA with Meet #3 scheduled for this weekend (7/13/13).


Meet #2 was a big success with 17 total competitors, 10 in the advanced group and 7 in the pro group. The CRCPL took a big step forward when Richard “Buzz” Bennett volunteered his time to hold a Regional canopy piloting judge rating course. The course started on Friday the 28th and concluded with the end of the meet on June 29th. The course was a success with the league now having several Regionally rated judges. The immediate benefit to the league is standardization and the ability to record and submit California state canopy piloting records. If anyone is interested in becoming a league judge, please contact the league organizers at to get more information. The continued success of this league is dependent on all of our canopy pilots and our volunteer judges that commit so much time and energy.

The league was also pleased to introduce the timing system for the speed course, which allowed us to not only quickly enter scores for all of the competitors (substantially reducing the time it takes to score the speed rounds) but also to submit CA state speed records.


Meet #2 was extremely hot with temperatures exceeding 105F out on the course. For speed and distance rounds, there was a steady head wind of 6 – 8 mph. The winds picked up slightly mid-afternoon and the competition went on a 2 hour hold as the judges got themselves hydrated and the course was switched over to zone accuracy. The top spot in the advanced group went to Alex Cashman with 522 points edging out Steven Whittenburg with 475 points. Cynthia Currie rounded out the top three with 434 points. With 10 total competitors and less than 85 points separating places 2 – 5, the advanced group has an extremely competitive field.

In the pro group the 7 competitors battled for a top three finish with 4 competitors battling fiercely for the top spot. After the final zone accuracy run, Scott Harper held on to first place with a score of 563 points, Albert Berchtold followed up with 524 points, and Ryan Brownlow got 3rd with a score of 510 points.


In addition to the top three finishes, two new California state records were recorded and submitted to USPA for approval. Ryan Brownlow finshed with the top distance of 319.40 ft and Scott Harper finished with a top speed time of 2.954 seconds. Full competition scores can be found here for both groups.


The league looks forward to another meet, with several additional competitors already committing to Meet #3. We expect over 20 competitors this weekend out at Skydive Sacramento. We hope to see you there!

CRCPL 2013

California Regional CP League set for Meet #2

The CRCPL will be holding its second meet of the year this weekend at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA. The league will be supporting a Regional CP Judge rating course which will be held by Buzz Bennett on Friday (28th) and Saturday (29th). This meet will officially be run by Buzz, as our regional judges work under him to obtain their rating. This also means that we’ll be able to record and submit California state records to the USPA for both Speed and Distance. The league will be using a timing system this weekend to make the speed scores official for state record purposes.

We expect to have 20 – 30 competitors at this meet. If you would like to compete, please register before Friday here.

We look forward to seeing you at Skydive Sacramento this weekend and to setting some new California State canopy piloting records. Come compete, watch, volunteer, and/or jump!

Albert Berchtold and Max Bond take home 1st place medals

The California Regional Canopy Piloting League kicked off its 2013 season on Saturday April 20th with 21 competitors. Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA hosted the very successful event, which saw all 6 rounds completed by the end of the day. Although the competitors had two days of near ideal conditions for practice, Saturday morning came with 10 – 14 mph head winds for both the speed and distance rounds. This same head wind turned into a downwind for the first Zone accuracy round – which made for a nail biting and exhilarating experience for the competitors, judges, and spectators.

Steve Whittenburg excited to be finished with Zone Acc. Round 1. Photo by Katie Blain.

Steve Whittenburg excited to be finished with Zone Acc. Round 1. Photo by Katie Blain.

The competition went on a 2 hour wind hold, and as the sun started to set, the winds died down to almost nothing allowing for the final Zone Accuracy run of the competition.

Scott Harper navigates the Zone Accuracy course.   Photo by Steven Hudoba.

Scott Harper navigates the Zone Accuracy course. Photo by Steven Hudoba.

In the pro group, 11 competitors registered for the meet and battled hard for the top three positions despite the very challenging winds. 3rd place finish went to Paul Rodriguez, 2nd place to Scott Harper, and 1st place was won by Albert Berchtold. Entire results and individual run scores can be seen on the results page.

Pro Group Podium - 3rd Paul Rodriguez, 2nd Scott Harper, 1st Albert Berchtold.  Photo by Steven Hudoba.

Pro Group Podium – 3rd Paul Rodriguez, 2nd Scott Harper, 1st Albert Berchtold. Photo by Steven Hudoba.

In a sign of the continued growth of the CRCPL, 10 competitors registered for the Advanced group. The league is now giving overall medals for the advanced group as well, which was very well received by the competitors. Dave Hawley took home 3rd place, while Alex Cashman took home a 2nd place medal, and Max Bond from San Diego took home the 1st place medal. The difference between 3rd place and fourth place finisher Will Whittenburg was 12 points. It was a very tight competition, very technical, and extremely challenging conditions. All of the competitors did a fantastic job.

Advanced Group Podium - 3rd Dave Hawley, 2nd Alex Cashman, 1st Max Bond.  Photo by Steven Hudoba.

Advanced Group Podium – 3rd Dave Hawley, 2nd Alex Cashman, 1st Max Bond. Photo by Steven Hudoba.

We would like to thank all of our judges and organizers who volunteered their time to score and run this meet. Thanks to Pat Garcia, DZO of Skydive Sacramento, for allowing us the opportunity to promote the discipline of Canopy Piloting in Northern California and special recognition to our sponsors. Adrenaline Obsession, Sierra Nevada, Go Fast, Blue Skies Magazine, PD, and all of our photographers..thank you! The league is continuing to grow and you still have time to join the league for the final three meets. Our next competition is on June 29th. See you all at Nationals!

Photos of the competition by Steven Hudoba.

Video – Round 2 of Zone Accuracy by Steven Hudoba.

California Region Announces Competition Dates!

The CRCPL will consist of four meets in 2013! All of the meets will be held at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA.

Dates are as follows:

Meet #1 – April 20th, 2013

Meet #2 – June 29th, 2013

Meet #3 – July 13th, 2013

Meet #4 – September 21st, 2013

A big thank you to Adrenaline Obsession who will again be supporting our league.

Many of our members travel to the FLCPA meets and attend national / international competitions, so our schedule has been set accordingly. If you have any questions please contact us at More details to follow in the coming months!

We look forward to seeing you in 2013!!

California 2012 Meet #4 & Season Results – CA

The fourth and final meet of the 2012 CRCPL was held on Saturday September 8th, 2012 at Skydive Sacramento. The winds were a bit higher than previous meets but it didn’t stop the competition from moving forward and getting all six rounds in. There were 19 competitors with 12 competing in the Pro category and 7 competing in the advanced group. Alex Cashman and Cynthia Currie both competed in their first canopy piloting competition, with Alex getting a cameo in Good Day Sacramento’s news broadcast of the competition. The news clip can be seen here.

Ryan Brownlow of Alter Ego navigates the speed course.

After the competition was over, the judges compiled the results not only for the meet, but for the season ending awards. Adrenaline Obsession was on hand to provide special awards for Distance, Accuracy, and Speed. Adrenaline Obsession along with the league provided a BBQ for all of the league members, judges, DZ staff, and jumpers to celebrate the end of a great 2012 season. The BBQ was complete with night pond swoops and full altitude night jumps.

In the Pro category, Scott Harper won the final meet with strong runs in all six rounds. Jason Sanders came in second place with Paul Rodriguez in third. In addition to the medals, the league was able to pay the top place $100 cash, with $50 going to second place, and $25 going to third place. All of the competitors competed strong with zero yellow cards or red cards. In the Advanced group, Walt Hawkins held off both Whittenburg brothers for first place, with Steve Whittenburg placing second and Will Whittenburg placing third. As with the Pro group, Walt won himself $100 with Steve and Will taking $50 and $25 respectively. Full set of scores can be seen here.

After the meet awards were handed out, Adrenaline Obsession handed out the season awards as follows:

Distance – Longest Distance Round of 2012 (437ft) – Ryan Brownlow
Speed – Fastest Speed Round of 2012 (2.4s) – Paul Rodriguez
Accuracy – Most Consistent of 2012 – Bart Rogowski

Overall Performer for 2012 – Scott Harper

2012 League Standings

After all of the meets were scored, the league handed out medals and prizes for overall league standings. In the Pro group, Scott Harper finished first overall with Ryan Brownlow coming in second, and Jason Sanders coming in third. Scott won himself the equivalent of the 2012 USPA CP Nationals registration fees and jumps. His name will also be added to the perpetual plaque hanging in the office of Skydive Sacramento. In the advanced group, Walt Hawkins held off David Hawley for first place, with David taking second place. Walt earned himself the equivalent of the 2012 USPA CP Nationals registration fees.

Scott Harper-1st Place, Ryan Brownlow-2nd, Jason Sanders (Not Pictured)-3rd

We can’t thank Skydive Sacramento and DZO Pat Garcia enough, along with all of our volunteer judges. Our volunteer judges really make these meets happen. The league is working on plans to have our head judge, Will McDaniel, certified as a regional judge for next season. Stay tuned for dates for the 2013 season. Stay safe out there and we’ll see you next year!

Final California Event for 2012 – This Weekend

This weekend, the 2012 California Regional Canopy Piloting League will be holding its final meet of the year at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA. The league will be giving out end of they year awards along with special awards presented by Adrenaline Obsession. After sunset, there will be music, BBQ, and night pond swoops.
Ryan Brownlow holds the lead in the pro group and Walt Hawkins is holding first in the advanced group. A lot can change in this meet as the league will be taking the competitors top three scores of the four meets. We are expecting a few new pilots for this meet. Come swoop, come watch, come help judge, but make sure you are there for the years best event. Full competition course will be up by Friday morning. Most competitors will be practicing Friday with a few arriving on Thursday. Wheels up by 8am on Saturday for the practice round, with the safety briefing starting at 7:30am sharp by the pond. Please register online here.

See you at Skydive Sacramento!

CA League Standings – Final Meet 9/8/2012

The California Regional Canopy Piloting League would like to thank everyone who has supported the league in 2012, especially Skydive Sacramento, Adrenaline Obsession, Performance Designs, ACME Plastics, and all of our volunteer judges. We have completed three meets and the fourth and final meet is scheduled for September 8th, 2012 at Skydive Sacramento. We are confident that the final meet of 2012 will be the best yet!

We will be having an end of the season BBQ after the competition. Adrenaline Obsession will be present at the meet to hand out awards for Accuracy, Speed, and Distance. Overall league awards will be handed out after the meet results are posted. We will be paying out the equivalent of US Nationals registration and jumps for the overall Pro division winner and the equivalent of US Nationals registration fees for the overall advanced group winner.

CRCPL League Standings as of 8/9/2012

Anything can happen in the final meet. The competitors will have their lowest score dropped of the four meets – so the standings can change quickly. Even if you haven’t joined the league, consider coming out for the last meet and BBQ. Its going to be a fantastic event.

Marcel Pomerleau navigates the accuracy course. Photo by Esther Kim

California Meet #3 Results

Scott Harper during an accuracy run. Photo by Esther Kim

On Saturday July 28th, Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA held the 3rd event in the California Regional Canopy Piloting series. This was the most successful Northern California meet in recent memory. Seventeen canopy pilots arrived to compete, with 11 pilots competing in the pro/open group and 6 in the amateur/advanced group. Our volunteer judges, as always, were the reason for our successful competition. Thank you to all of our judges who spent the entire day out in field to make this happen.
The weather conditions were good with a slight cross wind most of the day, and some tricky thermals in the early afternoon during the accuracy runs. All six rounds were completed for both groups. The results were as follows:

Yuri Garmashov on a distance run. Photo by Esther Kim.
Pro Pilots:
1st Place – Yuri Garmashov (523 Points)
2nd Place – Joe Abeln – US Army Golden Knights (487 Points)
3rd Place – Scott Harper – Adrenaline Obsession (446 Points)

David Hawley enters the accuracy course. Photo by Esther Kim.
Advanced Pilots:
1st Place – David Hawley (458 Points)
2nd Place – Jared Zell – US Army Golden Knights (440 Points)
3rd Palce – Justin Judd (360 Points)

Congratulations to all of the pilots who competed. Several competitors logged their first canopy piloting competition ever, and will be competing at future events. We plan to make the last meet of the year, September 8th – the most memorable of the year! If you are interested in competing, please email us for more information at We will update the league standings in a follow up post to see just where our pilots need to place to make the top three for the 2012 season!

Full results can be seen here.

California Announces Make-Up Meet Schedule

Congratulations to all of the competitors who competed in last weeks USPA Nationals. Our second meet held on May 19th at Skydive Sacramento had 12 competitors. 10 competed in the Pro group and we had 2 competitors in the Amateur group.

The conditions were almost perfect, and at the end of the competition, in the Pro group Rob Wallace took 1st place (472 pts), Jason Sanders was in 2nd (451 pts), and Ryan Brownlow took 3rd (430 pts). In the Amateur class, David Hawley took 1st (382 pts) and Walt Hawkins took 2nd (215 pts).

After two meets, here are the league standings:

We have two more meets to make up for our first two that were postponed. The official dates for the make-up meets are:

Meet #3 – July 28th, 2012
Meet #4 – September 8th, 2012

Remember, that only the top three scores will be used to compute the final standings. The top Pro will have the equivalent of US Nationals Registration and jumps paid for, and the top Amateur will have US Nationals Registration covered. We’ve got a lot of action left here on the West coast for 2012. We encourage those who have not competed in the first two events to come on out and use these events as training opportunities! The organizers appreciate the support of the community as we continue to improve the league.

The Skydive Sacramento pond is looking good! See you on July 28th!

Registration Open for 2nd California Competition This Weekend.

The California district will hold its second meet of the year this Saturday May 19th, 2012 at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA. The pond is in great shape and we expect an increased number of competitors from the West Coast region. If you are interested in joining the league you still have an opportunity to do so as we’ll be taking the top 3 scores from the 4 meets. This is the last opportunity on the West Coast to get some training in before Nationals next month.

Register for the meet here at under the California District. The courses are set up so come on out and lets get going!!! See you out there!

CRCPL – Results for Meet #1

After a tough start to the season, the CRCPL officially got under way on Saturday April 21, 2012 at Skydive Sacramento.  It was a beautiful day in the high 80′s with low to moderate winds.  A total of ten competitors registered, 9 in the pro category and 1 in the amateur group.  A total of 5 volunteer judges were on hand to score the meet and the group was headed up by Will McDaniel.

Photo by Katie Blain – Jason Sanders sticks a landing in a Zone Accuracy round.

The day started out with two speed rounds, moved to both distance rounds, and the meet ended with both accuracy rounds.  Ryan Brownlow was competing in his first competition since breaking an ankle while training for Dubai last fall.  Scott Harper, who traveled to Dubai after the injury, battled it out with Brownlow for the top spot all day long.   The pair exchanged top scores in the first two speed rounds and went into the final round of accuracy with only 0.54 points separating them.  After receiving identical scores in the final round, Brownlow edged out Harper for 1st place.  John Minos rounded out the top three in the Pro category.

Ryan Brownlow 1st, Scott Harper 2nd, John Minos 3rd

Walt Hawkins was the lone competitor in the amateur category.  Walt flew well for his first competition (Beer!) and scored a total of  224 points.

We want to thank all of our judges, Skydive Sacramento, and all of the competitors who came out and made this happen.   We will be holding 3 more events so if you are interested in joining the league, its not too late to do so.  We will be taking the competitors top three scores of the four meets.  The next competition is on May 19th, 2012 at Skydive Sacramento.  The two events after Nationals will be announced as soon as possible.

Photo by Katie Blain – Yuri Garmashov scoring the gates on an accuracy run

CA Meet this weekend at Skydive Sacramento!

After a tough start to the year out West, the weather forecast looks gorgeous for the scheduled CA Regional meet this weekend.  April 21st at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA.  Pre-Registration is now closed, but onsite registration is still open!!!

Please plan on arriving around 7am so that you can have all of your paperwork filled out prior to the 8am start.  A practice round will be mandatory and those not ready by 8am will not be permitted to compete.
We are looking forward to a great weekend!

California Regional Meet #2 Postponed

In anticipation of sustained rain storms all week and into the weekend, the organizers of the California Regional meet have postponed this weekends event at Skydive Sacramento.  We will be rescheduling the first two meets that have been postponed with the dates to be announced shortly.

It won’t be possible for us to reschedule the meet before Nationals in June.  For that reason, we’ll be re-structuring our Championship prizes for the league.  Instead of sending the winner of the pro and amateur groups to Nationals, we’ll be holding an equivalent cash purse for the winners.  The winners will be decided in the same manner, with all or the competitors being able to drop their lowest score of all four meets.  The final two events will be held after Nationals, at which time the California League Champions will be crowned.

Our next meet will be April 21st at Skydive Sacramento.  This has relocated from Perris to Sacramento.  The organizers of the California League would like to thank all of the competitors for their understanding during this tough start to the season.  We look forward to seeing you on April 21st!

California Regional CPL – Meet #2 Pre-Register Now

The California Regional CP League will be moving forward with the three remaining events and will be dropping the lowest score for those who attend all three. All previously advertised awards will remain in place.  The make-up meet for our first event will be discussed, but will likely take place after Nationals due to schedules and timing of the other regional events.

***Special Notice***
If you are not signed up, registered, waivered and ready to go by 8:00am (start of the practice round) you will not be allowed to compete. There will be no exceptions. We highly recommend arriving to Skydive Sacramento on Friday to get some additional practice jumps in and fill out paperwork.  If you can’t arrive until Saturday, please get there at 7am to fill out necessary waivers.  We’ll work to get these online prior to next weekend.

Please pre-register for the event here: . Pre-Registration for the event ends on Thursday March 15th, 2012 at midnight. Member and Non-member costs will go up $10 after midnight.  If you registered for the first event online, you are already registered for this event unless you contacted Marcel Pomerleau ( and requested a refund.

For those of you who competed last year, the new rules have forced some changes.  Distance and speed course have switched directions on the pond.  We needed to do this for several reasons, but allows both events to be held on water.  The accuracy event remains unchanged.

Pre-Registration open for California Meet #1!!!

We are about a week away from the much anticipated debut of the the California Regional Canopy Piloting League.  There is a lot going on the day of the event, so we are asking those who are competing to fill out the proper paperwork ahead of time and register for the event prior to the competitor briefing on Saturday morning at 7am.  Click HERE to download the paperwork and please fill it out prior to arriving at the DZ.  You can register for the league ($65) and pre-register for the event ($35 Member, $55 Non-member) HERE.  Starting Friday morning, February 17th, pre-registering will close and event costs will increase to $45/$65, so get in now.

The courses will be set up on Friday so we encourage you to come out and practice.  We will require one practice jump Saturday morning for those who arrive the day of and have not had a chance to see the course.

We look forward to a fantastic event.  See you at Perris Valley on Saturday, February 18th!

Adrenaline Obsession to Support California Canopy Piloting Events

The organizers of the California Regional Canopy Piloting events are pleased to announce that Adrenaline Obsession will be the headline sponsor for the 2012 competition season.  Adrenaline Obsession provides sport inspired clothing along with their brand name clothing line.  AO will be designing and providing event T-shirts to each registered participant in the district.   Adrenaline Obsession will also be providing several unique awards during the season which includes awards for the fastest, farthest, and most accurate canopy pilot.  These are in addition to the individual meet medals and prizes provided by the league. The guidelines for these special awards will be outlined prior to the first meet and will be awarded after the conclusion of the final meet.   More information about their clothing line can be found at or by clicking on their logo.

We greatly appreciate the support and we are looking forward to the 2012 competition season.