2018 Coaches

One of the most awesome parts of participating in the FLCPA is learning!!  From its inception this league has been about giving people a place to compete and become better pilots through creating an environment of constructive learning and progression.  Each meet one of the PRO pilots takes their Friday to act as the “meet coach” and give out tips and tricks to all the registered competitors.  If the weather is great, then they’ll be pondside to give you some instant feedback as soon as you land.  A few constructive words that you can take into your next training jump.  If the weather doesn’t allow for jumping, we’ll schedule some seminars on competition piloting, or q&a with the coach.

Here’s a rundown of the coaches for 2018.  We’re happy to welcome back some of the old hats who have probably forgotten more skills than you have.  This year we’re also adding a few new coaches to the ranks with different flying styles and competition attitudes.  You can learn something different from each of them.  There’s learning to be had!

Meet #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 24-25

Ian Bobo by Jim HarrisIan Bobo

PD Factory Team




Meet #2 Skydive Sebastian  March 24-25

Curt BCurt Bartholomew

Alter Ego




Meet #3  Skydive City Z-Hills April 21-22

JuJustin Price by Mike Mcgowanstin Price

PD Factory Team




Meet #4 West Tenn Skydiving May 19-20

GW walking

Greg Windmiller

Superior Flight Solutions




Meet #5 Skydive Paraclete XP June 9-10

Travis MillsTravis Mills

PD Factory Team




Meet #6  Skydive Sebastian September TBD  (Pre-Nationals)

Jeannie Bartholomew by Manu CherryJeannie Bartholomew

Alter Ego


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