Curt Bartholomew takes the lead in the 2016 season


IMG_2650-0The first two meets of the 2016 season have been awesome! Last month the season kicked off at the new pond in Sebastian. The dz was super excited to welcome all the swoopers and show off their new pond.  Even with overcast conditions we still managed to complete 50 competitors before 5:00. In the pro class Curt Bartholomew took the gold, Pablo Hernandez won silver, and rounding out the podium was Justin Price. For the amateurs Rory Agundez took home gold, Johnny Gunn was second, and Danny Feltner took home third. The DZ did a great job on hosting their first event and we’re looking forward to welcoming them to the circuit again next year.

Meet two brought us to Zephyrhills, and the crowd grew to 58 competitors. High winds and cloud cover held us to 3 rounds for the PRO class and 4 rounds in the amateur class. Curt, Justin Price and Canadian Sven Jseppi were the medal winners in the pro class.  The Am class was won by Darin McKeen,Johnny Gunn, and Rory Agundez.

The Pro overall season standings are IMG_2651-0updated and world champ Curt Bartholomew is in the lead, with Justin Price close behind in second, followed by Albert Berchtold sitting in third and Tommy Dellibac in fourth.

In the Amatuer class it’s a close race with Rory Agundez and Johnny Gunn  neck and neck for the top seat, each with a first and second finish. Cliff Steele and Nate Olson sitting in 3rd and 4th are also in the running for a top seat. But as we all know, the season overall seats will be taken by the ones who can keep up their consistency when the going gets tough.

Keep up with the scores on control tower!

2016 Registration List-Meet #3

59 competitors


1Ricky Nelson
2Mike Yi
3Matt Reilly
4Davis Hall
5Logan Donovan

1Rory Agundez
2Johnny Gunn
3Cecil Jolley
4Joey Baker
5Pat Kessler

1Peter Lubrano
2Jens Esselstrom
3Fraser Feltner
4Marcus Denniston
5Ryan Jenkins

1Nick Peck
2Cliff Steele
3Jason Mccahan
4Darin McKeen
5Nate Olsen

Plane 2
1Matt Guthrie
2Gavin Griffin
3Robin Jandle
4Nate Clark

1Paul Isenmann
2Scott Siler
3Piri Rewa
4Kevin Haugh
5John Lopez

Greg Windmiller
Joe Abeln
Albert Berchtold
Justin Price
Jared Zell

1Shane Shaffer
2Curt Bartholomew
3Jeannie Bartholomew
4Charlie Mullins
5Aaron Stocum

1Steven Perry

Plane 3;

1Punjab Piotrowski
2Matt Leonard
3Ben Lowe
4Ross Brilakis
5Shaggio Levesque

1Paul Rodriguez
2Ryan Brownlow
3Marcos Darman
4Adam Teeling
5Scott Harper

1Tom Dellibac
2Shane Seydel
3Travis Mills
4Mikeal Stevens
5Ben Crooch

1Nick Batsch
2Jay Sanders
3Matt Shull
4Gage Galle
5Cornelia Mihai