Ultrasonic Anemometer coming to FLCPA

In past years we’ve always been plagued with winds playing havoc with our competition.  Each place we go we have different measuring devices and while some are better airshotsthan others, we routinely find winds playing too much of a role in our competition.  While we can’t remove wind difference altogether, we can continue to do our best to minimize them from effecting the outcome of our competitions.  In an effort to give us better wind reading capabilities, we’ve ordered a super sweet AIRSHOTS system.  This software and and hardware system comes from our friends in Austria who have custom built a program that will give us detailed information that is specifically designed to work for our discipline.  We will have detailed wind speeds, direction, graphs and the capability to save wind readings for each competitor into a csv file.

Click here: Airshots Anemometer for a detailed rundown on the software, and hardware we’ll be using!  The good news is that it’s in the mail and hopefully we’ll have it up and running for next weeks meet. The bad news is, as mentioned earlier, we’ll be reducing the prize money paid out at each meet in order to help fund this expenditure. But it’s well worth it!!!


Sebastian season opener-only one week away!

Fresh 300 reline, check. Reserve in date, check. Hotel and car reservations made, check. The 2016 season is about to begin!!!!
The preregistration list can be found here.

A couple reminders:

*Is my reserve, and USPA membership in date?
*Don’t forget to preregistration by Thursday noon in order to save$$.
*Safety & competition briefing will be Friday at sunset.
*Amateurs-please read and understand turn and wing load safety restrictions for your class. Any questions, please ask.
*We’ll be running the new 2016 FAI rules which were just adopted a couple weeks ago.
*As mentioned earlier, we’ll be lowering the cash prizes this year in order to purchase a new ultrasonic anemometer.

Here’s a couple Arial shots of the new pond in Sebastian. It looks pretty awesome!!!

2016 Registration List-Meet 2

Heres the list

Load 1:

1Rory Agundez
2Peter Lubrano
3Nick Peck
4Darin McKeen
5Logan Donovan

1Johnny Gunn
2Alessandro DiMare
3Mike Yi
4Joey Baker
5Nate Olsen

1Fraser Feltner
2Franco Darman
3Robin Jandle
4Doug Stoski

1Allison Reay
2Jay Mccahan
3Joseph Ford
4Chris Shaw

1Paul Isenmann
2Marcus Denniston
3Beau Riebe
4Grant Underland

Load 2:

1Gavin Griffin
2Cliff Steele
3Luciano Edward
4John Lopez

1Joe Abeln
2Albert Berchtold
3Justin Price
4Jared Zell
5Pawel Piotrowski

1Curt Bartholomew
2Jeannie Bartholomew
3Shane Seydel
4Aaron Stocum

1Marcos Darman
2Fabio Pelayo
3Paulinho Marques
4Matt Leonard
5Ben Lowe

Load 3:

1Sven Jseppi
2Peter Kozak
3John Minos
4Kelsey Fry

1Charlie Mullins
2Manny Neto
3Giuseppi Crott
4Eric Deroy
5Ryan Levesque

1Tom Delibac
2Travis Mills
3Stephen Perry
4Matteo Gattini
5Patrick Michaud

1Matt Shull
2Rob Harris
3Ross Brilakis
4Waldisio Moreira

* If there is an asterisk next to your name, your payment has not been completed. In order to get the preregistration price, payment must be completed by noon Thursday before the meet.