2016 Season Wrap-Up

Johnny Gunn takes top Amateur spot for the 2016 season.  Photo by Tony Efird

Johnny Gunn takes top Amateur spot for the 2016 season. Photo by Tony Efird

What a great season it was down here in the Southeast.  We held 4 competitions in the 2016 FLCPA season with USPA Nationals right after the third meet.   The season started in February and finished up in May.   The meets had 49,57, 59, and 37 competitors at each.  That’s more than many countries pull for a nationals and greater attendance than ever before in an FLCPA season.  There were 41 competitors who joined the league this season to battle for overall standings.  In 2015 there were 39, 22 in 2014, and 30 in 2013.  We added a new venue in 2016 with a spectacular pond which was purpose built at Skydive Sebastian.  For 2017 we’re looking to add West Tennnessee to our list of host DZ’s with the new pond that their putting the final touches on as we speak.  No matter which way you look at it, we’re growing.

prooverallCurt Bartholomew took top honors as the PRO season champion with an unprecidented four victories.  No one has ever before swept the entire FLCPA season.  Second place went to Albert Berchtold and third to Matt Shull.  These two were battling until the last jump for points looking to edge each other out.

amaoverJohnny Gunn took overall Gold in the Amateur Class followed by Rory Agundez with Cliff Steele wrapping up the top 3.  Consistent performances throughout the season brought the top spots to these three who will graduate up to the PRO class for the 2017 season.

This years coveted “Most Improved” went to John Lopez from the US Army Golden Knights.  John arrived at the first meet this season as a “middle of the pack” amateur competitor and quickly showed what he was made of.  With the guidance of his team mates he darted to be one of the top competitors in his class.  We look forward to seeing him crush it in the years to come.

We’ve already started planning for the 2017 season and have some changes in mind that will help grow the league even more.  New Venues are on the way.  We’re looking at expanding the competition into THREE classes instead of the two classes we’ve been running for the last 10+years.

Big things to come….


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