2016 Updates.

A couple changes for 2016:

1.  Registration will close at sunset Friday- Safety briefing and exit orders will be done Friday evening at sunset.  That is approx. 5:30 pm for meets 1&2) This should help us get rolling quickly and efficiently on Saturday morning.

2.  We’re planning on purchasing a new windmeter(yay)!!! Crazy winds and windmeter troubles have long been a challenge for CP.  This year after speaking to a few folks it seems like a good idea to invest in some state of the art wind measuring devices.  We hope to have a new ultrasonic anemometer up and running by meet #1.

3. As was the case when we updated from camera timing to electronic sensors, we’ll be paying out smaller cash prizes for the 2016 season in order to fund the Wind meter.  Everyone I spoke to felt this was a worthwhile investment to help alleviate the wind troubles we always seem to have.  The plan for this year is to pay out a cash purse for the season overall and forgo the cash prizes at each individual meet.  We will of course continue to award bad ass custom FLCPA medals for each meet to the top 3 PRO and top 3 Amateurs.

If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to shoot me an email at albert@swoopleague.com