USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals 2014

USPAZHillsCP2014For all of you preparing to visit sunny Florida for FLCPA meet #5 and USPA Nationals it’s time to start getting your sh*t together.

1.  Click here to see Skydive City’s general info about 2014 USPA Nationals

2.  Click here to fill out Skydive City’s waiver before you get there.  It’s a fillable PDF, so when your done, you can print it, or email it to

3.  Click here to pay your registration and competition jumps to Skydive City.

4.  Is your reserve in date through May 23rd?  if not, get a repack.

5. Is your USPA membership in date through May 23rd?  if not, get it renewed.  In order to compete at USPA Nationals you must have a valid FULL USPA membership, Temporary memberships are not sufficient.  INTERNATIONAL GUESTS, this applies to you as well.

See you all there!