California Regional CP League set for Meet #2

The CRCPL will be holding its second meet of the year this weekend at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA. The league will be supporting a Regional CP Judge rating course which will be held by Buzz Bennett on Friday (28th) and Saturday (29th). This meet will officially be run by Buzz, as our regional judges work under him to obtain their rating. This also means that we’ll be able to record and submit California state records to the USPA for both Speed and Distance. The league will be using a timing system this weekend to make the speed scores official for state record purposes.

We expect to have 20 – 30 competitors at this meet. If you would like to compete, please register before Friday here.

We look forward to seeing you at Skydive Sacramento this weekend and to setting some new California State canopy piloting records. Come compete, watch, volunteer, and/or jump!

Bartholomew wins 2013 season

IMG_1340-2The 2013 season regular season has come to an end here in the Southeast. After 5 meets,Curt Bartholomew stood atop the podium as the 2013 league champ. Greg Windmiller took second and Rob Wallace placed third after a close race with Boston Hartley. Big thanks to all our Judges this season, many of them earned their FAI judge rating this season. Hans Paulsen, Tim Thacker, and TK Hayes for hosting our meets. These DZO’s are the most supportive we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Our league supporters Performance Designs, Adrenaline Obsession have been there with us all year helping wherever need.
This seasons top PRO curt Bartholomew and top Amateur Boston Hartley also had their USPA Nationals costs reimbursed by the FLCPA in recognition of their performance.

IMG_1334-2We’ve got 7 new PRO competitors this year!!! After working their butts off this season we’re proud to welcome these pilots to the PRO ranks.
Boston Hartley-Houston, TX
Kyle Schoonover-Deland, FL
JustinJudd-San Diego, CA
Ryan Levesque-Chester,SC
David Hawley-San Diego, CA
Jared Zell-Raeford, NC
Ben Crooch-three Oaks, MI

What’s Next? PD Project Orange will be the place to be in mid October in Z-Hills, Florida.

Curt wins FLCPA #5 at the Farm

IMG_1328-2The season finale at Skydive the Farm was nothing short of awesome. Seventeen competitors were in attendance for this nine round meet. Two speed, two dragging distance, two old school distance without the drag, two zone accuracy, and one round of hula-hoop accuracy.

The meet began on Friday afternoon with the speed event.  It was great to see all the competitors improvements over the season.  After two rounds of speed there were only 3 nonscoring runs on the board which showed that this was going to be a tough meet to place well.  By the end of the first day we had completed speed and the dragging distance events.  The morning brought calm winds so we started out with the Zone accuracy events.  After two rounds of the normal zone accuracy we did a round of “hula-hoop” accuracy.  We replaced zones 5-8 with all negative xones and put a hula hoop in the middle which was worth 75 landing points making your total possible score 125 if you tried for the hoop.  No one sucessfully pulled it off, but a few tried.  The event was certainly fun and the change of pace was a good time.  We finished up with two rounds of “old school” distance with no water drag.
We finished up around five o’clock on Saturday.  At the end of the nine rounds Curt Bartholomew took first, Greg Windmiller in second, and Jessica Edgeington in third. Big thanks to all the Judges, Hans Paulsen for being awesome, and our league supporters Performance Designs and Adrenaline Obsession.

Full scores can be found here.