Season Finale Meet 5

Reminder that we’re starting at Noon on Friday with the briefing. We will forego the formal practice round but it will be necessary for everyone to plan on making at least one jump in the morning. The last practice jumps will depart on the bus no later than 11:00am so that they can be back on the ground at the pond by noon. Don’t sleep in and show up at 10:55 expecting to get on a practice load.

Ben Crooch-Ama
Jonathan Martinez-Ama
Kyle Schoonover-Ama
Justin Judd-Ama
Brad Moon-Ama
Jared Zella-Ama
Boston Hartley-Ama

Peter Piotrowski-Pro
Jessica Edgeington-Pro
Curt Bartholomew-Pro
Albert Berchtold-Pro
Greg Windmiller-Pro
Joe Abeln-Pro
Rob Wallace-Pro
Ian Drennan-Pro

FLCPA Meet #4 Registration list

57 registered. Briefing at 7:00 am. Tentative plan is to start with zone Accuracy after the practice round.

Seva BedrinPro1
Stepan Gurba-Pro2
Peter Kozak-Pro3

Greg Windmiller-Pro1
Paul Rodriguez-Pro2
Andrii Stalnyi-Pro3
Cornelia Mihai-Pro4
Billy Sharman-Pro5

182 sandy
Curt Bartholomew-Pro1
Patrick Kaye-Pro2
Timmy McMaster-Pro3
Gage Galle-Pro4
Joe Abeln-Pro5

206 turbo
Peter Kallehave-Pro1
Rob Wallace-Pro2
Jason Sanders-Pro3
Justin Thornton-Pro4
Justin Price-Pro5

Albert Berchtold-Pro1
Kenneth Gajda-Pro2
Kevin Techer-Pro3

Tom Dellibac-Pro1
Ian Bobo-Pro2
Jessica Edgeington-Pro3
Bryan Buechler-Pro4
Kritter Weiss-Pro5

Julien Guiho-Pro1
Sergey Kotlyarov-Pro2
Yuriy Chernyshov-Pro3
Sven Jseppi-Pro4
Peter Piotrowski-Pro5

206 turbo
Nick Batsch-Pro1
Ryan Brownlow-Pro2
Scott Harper-Pro3
Pablo Hernandez-Pro4
Bart Rogowski-Pro5

Aaron Stoccum-Pro1
Matt Shull-Pro2
Mikeal Stevens-Pro6


Boston Hartley-Ama1
Shaggio Levesque-Ama2
Brand Coates-Ama3
Kelsey Fry-Ama4
Fraser Feltner-Ama5

182 sandy
Kyle Schoonover-Ama1
Jared Zell-Ama2
Jeannie Anderson-Ama3
Nick Peck-Ama4
Brad Moon-Ama5

206 turbo
Justin Judd-Ama1
Ben Crooch-Ama2
Milton Pachon-Ama3
Jaime Tristancho-Ama4
Nick Quigley-Ama5

David Hawley-Ama1
John Nolan-Ama2
Chris Day-Ama3