Ramping up for FLCPA #4 & US Nationals

The big week is approaching and it’s starting to get busy down here at Skydive City in Z-Hills, FL. The courses are up, and practicing has begun. If your working on making your way here for the FLCPA Meet # 4 warmup meet and USPA Nationals, your going to need to remember to do a few things.

Is your USPA membership current? Even if you are a guest competitor, a full USPA membership is MANDATORY to participate at the USPA National Championships.

Is your reserve in date all the way through Nationals?

Did you pack spare closing loops, rubber bands, spare parts, etc? If not, Sunshine Factory is on site and has a pretty wide assortment of equipment.

Does your line set have enough life to make it through both meets and the practice jumps in between?

FLCPA Registration *tip-register by Thursday May 2 and save $ with preregistration prices.

USPA Nationals registration

See you all there!


Albert Berchtold and Max Bond take home 1st place medals

The California Regional Canopy Piloting League kicked off its 2013 season on Saturday April 20th with 21 competitors. Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA hosted the very successful event, which saw all 6 rounds completed by the end of the day. Although the competitors had two days of near ideal conditions for practice, Saturday morning came with 10 – 14 mph head winds for both the speed and distance rounds. This same head wind turned into a downwind for the first Zone accuracy round – which made for a nail biting and exhilarating experience for the competitors, judges, and spectators.

Steve Whittenburg excited to be finished with Zone Acc. Round 1. Photo by Katie Blain.

Steve Whittenburg excited to be finished with Zone Acc. Round 1. Photo by Katie Blain.

The competition went on a 2 hour wind hold, and as the sun started to set, the winds died down to almost nothing allowing for the final Zone Accuracy run of the competition.

Scott Harper navigates the Zone Accuracy course.   Photo by Steven Hudoba.

Scott Harper navigates the Zone Accuracy course. Photo by Steven Hudoba.

In the pro group, 11 competitors registered for the meet and battled hard for the top three positions despite the very challenging winds. 3rd place finish went to Paul Rodriguez, 2nd place to Scott Harper, and 1st place was won by Albert Berchtold. Entire results and individual run scores can be seen on the results page.

Pro Group Podium - 3rd Paul Rodriguez, 2nd Scott Harper, 1st Albert Berchtold.  Photo by Steven Hudoba.

Pro Group Podium – 3rd Paul Rodriguez, 2nd Scott Harper, 1st Albert Berchtold. Photo by Steven Hudoba.

In a sign of the continued growth of the CRCPL, 10 competitors registered for the Advanced group. The league is now giving overall medals for the advanced group as well, which was very well received by the competitors. Dave Hawley took home 3rd place, while Alex Cashman took home a 2nd place medal, and Max Bond from San Diego took home the 1st place medal. The difference between 3rd place and fourth place finisher Will Whittenburg was 12 points. It was a very tight competition, very technical, and extremely challenging conditions. All of the competitors did a fantastic job.

Advanced Group Podium - 3rd Dave Hawley, 2nd Alex Cashman, 1st Max Bond.  Photo by Steven Hudoba.

Advanced Group Podium – 3rd Dave Hawley, 2nd Alex Cashman, 1st Max Bond. Photo by Steven Hudoba.

We would like to thank all of our judges and organizers who volunteered their time to score and run this meet. Thanks to Pat Garcia, DZO of Skydive Sacramento, for allowing us the opportunity to promote the discipline of Canopy Piloting in Northern California and special recognition to our sponsors. Adrenaline Obsession, Sierra Nevada, Go Fast, Blue Skies Magazine, PD, and all of our photographers..thank you! The league is continuing to grow and you still have time to join the league for the final three meets. Our next competition is on June 29th. See you all at Nationals!

Photos of the competition by Steven Hudoba.

Video – Round 2 of Zone Accuracy by Steven Hudoba.

Curt takes meet #3 in Raeford

Curt BThis past weekend the third FLCPA meet of the 2013 season took place at Raeford Parachute Center.  Thirty nine competitors(20 pro, 19 amateur) began arriving a week before the scheduled meet to begin training.

The meet began with the distance event in a pretty strong headwind from the north and continued with downwind zone accuracy into the newly placed pea pit. After the completion of zone accuracy, the wind turned a full 180 degrees leaving a tail wind from the south for the final two rounds of speed.

This years meet completed in record time finishing seven rounds by around 3:00.  The Adrenaline Obsession record challenge saw two records set in the female category by Cornelia Mihai from Skydive Dubai.  The general North Carolina speed and distance records were a bit too much to reach this year, so Tommy Dellibac will get to hang onto his records for a little bit longer.

kyle schoonoverAs we did last year in Raeford, we held a  pro/am competition as part of the meet. Each amateur was paired up with a Pro to work together as a team.  At the end of the meet, the pairs scores were averaged to give the team a score.  This years pro/am  competition was won by Kyle Schoonover and Rob Wallace.

The overall standing had Greg Windmiller in third, Nick Batsch in second, and world champ Curt Bartholomew taking first place.

ShaggyBig thanks to Raeford Aviation, Performance Designs, Adrenaline Obsession, Mirage, and last but not least, our amazing Judge crew.

Final scores can  be found here.

Kick ass photo’s here.

Sweet video’s here.

See you May 4th in Zephyrhills, FL for the fourth meet of the season!!

Raeford Meet #3 this weekend

Remember, no credit cards at Raeford. They take cash or check only.

Raeford Manifest 2013
Briefing at 7:00 am

1. Patrick Kaye-Pro1
2. Billy Sharman-Pro2
3. Gage Galle-Pro 3
4. Johan Karlsson-Pro4
5.Cornelia Mihai-Pro5

6. Peter Kallehave-Pro1
7.Ryan Brownlow-Pro2
8. Paul Rodriguez-Pro3
9. Rob Wallace-Pro4
10.Bart Rogowski-Pro5

11. Nick Batsch-Pro1
12.Greg Windmiller-Pro2
13. Albert Berchtold-Pro3
14. Kritter Weiss-Pro4
15. Joe Ablen-Pro5

16. Curt Bartholomew-Pro1
17. Bryan Buechler-Pro2
18. Sven Jseppi-Pro3
19.Pete Schwartz-Pro4
20. Peter Piotrowski-Pro5

Harry Bromley-Ama
Paul Peeler-Ama
Brad Moon-Ama
Robert Hill-Ama

John Hawke-Ama
Shaggio Levesque-Ama
Jared Zella-Ama
Ed Heady-Ama
Matt Mundry-Ama

Steven Singletary-Ama
Jacob Crooch-Ama
Kyle Schoonover-Ama
Doug Karandy-Ama
Brandon Coates-Ama

David Hawley-Ama1
Boston Hartley-Ama2
John Nolan-Ama3
Justin Judd-Ama4
Wilmar Castano-Ama5


Adrenaline Obsession State record challenge.

adrenaline_obsessionIt’s record time!! For the final three meets of the 2013 FLCPA season, league supporter Adrenaline Obsession wants to see what you’ve got!  If any state records are set, AO is going to cover the filing fees for your record.  Female, or Male; Speed or Distance.

Longest Distance General-

2012, Competition, Dubai, 154.09m *National Record*

Nick Batsch

2013, Competition, Florida, 116.90m Nick Batsch

2012, Competition, Georgia, 151.95m Nick Batsch

2012, Competition, North Carolina, 128.74m Thomas Dellibac

Longest Distance Female-

2012, Competition, Georgia, 120.18m*National Record* Jessica Edgeington

Fastest Speed General-

2012, Georgia, 2.404sec.*National Competition Record* Greg Windmiller

2012, North Carolina, 2.320sec. Thomas Dellibac

2013, Florida, 2.476sec. Greg Windmiller

Fastest Speed Female-

2012, Georgia, 2.605sec.*National Record* Jessica Edgeington