FLCPA Meet #2 this weekend

The Coach for this weekend will be Tommy Dellibac from the PD Factory Team.

Class Group Order Last Name First Name
Amatuer 1 1 Hawley David
Amatuer 1 2 Levesque Shaggio
Amatuer 1 3 Moon Bradley
Amatuer 2 1 Stone Zak
Amatuer 2 2 Hartley Jonathan
Amatuer 2 3 Kasmar Scott
Amatuer 2 4 Zell Jared
Amatuer 2 5 Quigley Nick
Amatuer 3 1 Griffin Gavin
Amatuer 3 2 Judd Justin
Amatuer 3 3 Alarcon Andres
Amatuer 3 4 Tristancho Jaime
Amatuer 3 5 Pachon Milton
Amatuer 4 1 Crooch Jacob
Amatuer 4 2 Peck Nick
Amatuer 4 3 Maples Cory
Amatuer 5 Schoonover Kyle
Amatuer 5 Feltner Fraser
Amatuer 5 McCahan Jay
Amatuer 5 Harth John
Amatuer 5 Bromley Harry
PRO 1 1 Windmiller Greg
PRO 1 2 Berchtold Albert
PRO 1 3 Abeln Joe
PRO 2 1 Weiss Kritter
PRO 2 2 rogowski bart
PRO 2 3 Wallace Rob
PRO 2 4 karlsson johan
PRO 2 5 stevens mikeal
PRO 3 1 Kaye Patrick
PRO 3 2 Rodriguez Paul
PRO 3 3 Harper Scott
PRO 3 4 Piotrowski Peter
PRO 3 5 Mihai Cornelia
PRO 4 1 Stalnyi Andrii
PRO 4 2 Kotlorov Sergey
PRO 4 3 yuriy chernyshov
PRO 5 1 Batsch Nick James
PRO 5 2 Bartholomew Curt
PRO 5 3 Galle Gage
PRO 5 4 Jseppi Sven
PRO 5 5 Dutch Ray
PRO 6 Bobo Ian
PRO 6 Schoenfeld Stuart
PRO 6 Hernandez Pablo
PRO 6 Mills Travis
PRO 6 Mitchell William

Z-Hills pond closed for course maintenance

Later this month Skydive City will be making further improvements to their canopy piloting facilities.  The current sand zone accuracy pit will be filled in with peas for better impact absorbtion.  The change should also raise the zone accuracy area a few inches to minimize the drop off past the bank.

This course maintenance work will be done on February 23, 24,25 so the landing area right outside the pond will under construction during those three days.

Please plan your training accordingly.


2013 Rule changes

At the IPC Plenary meeting end of last month there were some changes to the Canopy Piloting rules at the International level. The USPA will likely adopt most of those rule changes to keep our competition format in line with the International rules. The decisions of what to adopt, and what not to adopt will occur at the USPA board meeting at the end of March in Daytona Beach. We will also adopt some of those rules here at the FLCPA. Many of those rules pertaining to line values in accuracy and judging standardization were used at meet 1 last weekend. There are a few new rules that are a little heavier that I’ll discuss below for each event.

Distance: Pro competitors must now drag at, or before the front side of the first water gate. It is no longer mandatory to drag through the first gate. Amatuer class distance rules will not change. Amateur competitors must eclipse the 10 ft entry gate and the 5 ft. gate at 50 meters.

Speed: We will continue to use the same courses and scoring methods for speed.

Zone Accuracy: There are changes in both classes with regard to what the ZA tapes are worth and how judges will score landings vs. first point of contact. Point values and zones in the PRO class will remain the same. Amatuers ZA dragging and zero zone rules are changing. Amatuers must now drag the water to accumulate water points. We will also adopt the change of the dead man zone to now be the “nuetral” zone. This means that as an amatuer you no longer need to lift over the bank and zero zone. This should better prepare our amatuers for USPA nationals where dragging is necessary. This is the change that the IPC is making to ZA and I think it will fit nicely into our Amatuer class here at the FLCPA. We will keep our PRO rules a bit more challenging. As our PRO pilots have reached a level of proficiency that has not been achieved by all, having more challenging scoring should provide a better training platform for our PRO competitors who will be gunning for US team selection at the US Nationals in May.

The IPC also implemented a concept of “default score”. This will award 3 points to a competitor who scores the entry gate in any event, but fails to negotiate the course to a scoring run. This new rule supports that a competitor who scores the entry gate should be awarded more than a competitor who misses the entry gate, or misses the course entirely. I think this is a great rule for our Amatuer classs as it awards those newer competitors who score the entry but haven’t quite reached the level of proficiency to sucessfully negotiate the full course. As such, we will implement this scoring in our Amatuer class, but will not in the PRO class.

These rule changes will be effective at meet #2 in March at Z-Hills. Here’s a link to the FAI page where the new rules will be published once they’ve got the copy finalized. http://www.fai.org/fai-documents

Bring it Ricky Bobby!

If you wanna go fast, here’s a list of the current State and National records up for grabs at the FLCPA this season.  Two new Florida state records were set last weekend at meet #1.

Longest Distance General-

2012, Competition, Dubai, 154.09m *National Record* Nick Batsch

2013, Competition, Florida, 95.36m  Paul Rodriguez

2012, Competition, Georgia, 151.95m Nick Batsch

2012, Competition, North   Carolina, 128.74m Thomas Dellibac

Longest Distance Female-

2012, Competition, Georgia, 120.18m *National Record* Jessica Edgeington

Fastest Speed General-

2012, Georgia, 2.404sec. *National Competition Record* Greg Windmiller

2012, North   Carolina, 2.320sec. Thomas Dellibac

2013, Florida, 2.476sec. Greg Windmiller

Fastest Speed Female-

2012, Georgia, 2.605sec.  *National Record* Jessica Edgeington

Brian McNenney wins FLCPA #1 in Z-Hills

What an amazing start to the 2013 season!  Fourty-eight competitors arrived from around the world to compete in Z-Hills this past weekend.  Twenty-five competitors entered the Amatuer class and Twenty-three entered the PRO class.  Saturday morning was a chilly start at 7:00am which started as the sun peeked over the horizon. The competition started with the speed event where US Army Golden Knight Greg IMG_9981Windmiller set a new Florida state speed record with the fastest time of the meet at 2.476 seconds.  As the winds rotated around through the afternoon the tail wind of speed turned into a crosswind, and eventually to a headwind for the last round of distance.  Paul Rodriguez of Southern California established a new record at 95.36 meters during the second round of the distance event.

Sunday morning was a chilly one in Florida.  The start was delayed about an hour due to frost!  We managed to complete the first round of Accuracy and about 1/2 of the second round before the winds kicked up over the limits and ended the meet.

IMG_9872At the end of the 5 rounds Jerry Hannon from New York had worked his way into third place overall.  Albert Berchtold secured the second place and Brian McNenney took home the gold medal as the victor of the first FLCPA of the 2013 season.

A big thanks to our Judges; Jolene, Eric, Dan, Ori, Cindy, & Kevin.  Our meet host Skydive City, and our FLCPA league supporters; Performance Designs, Mirage, and Adrenaline Obsession.  Full results for the meet can be found here.

FLCPA Meet #1 starts tomorrow morning!

Briefing will be at 7:00am.  Here’s the list of the 48 competitors in exit order.  The plan is to start with Practice load and then run right into speed.

Group order Class you are entering: Last Name First Name
Ama-1 1 Amatuer Martinez Jonathan
Ama-1 2 Amatuer Collins Hollis
Ama-1 3 Amatuer Hannon Gerard
Ama-1 4 Amatuer Harth John
Ama-1 5 Amatuer Moon Bradley
Ama-2 1 Amatuer Hawley David
Ama-2 2 Amatuer Levesque Shaggio
Ama-2 3 Amatuer Kasmar Scott
Ama-2 4 Amatuer Zell Jared
Ama-2 5 Amatuer Castano Wilmar
Ama-3 1 Amatuer Mundry Matt
Ama-3 2 Amatuer Griffin Gavin
Ama-3 3 Amatuer gerlesky paul
Ama-4 1 Amatuer Stone Zak
Ama-4 2 Amatuer Hartley Jonathan
Ama-4 3 Amatuer Schoonover Kyle
Ama-4 4 Amatuer Cribas Carlos
Ama-4 5 Amatuer Kan Andrey
Ama-5 1 Amatuer Karandy Doug
Ama-5 2 Amatuer Feltner Fraser
Ama-5 3 Amatuer Peck Nick
Ama-5 4 Amatuer Lupson Alex
Ama-6 1 Amatuer Judd Justin
Ama-6 2 Amatuer Singletary Steven
Ama-6 3 Amatuer Crooch Jacob
PRO-1 1 PRO Berchtold Albert
PRO-1 2 PRO Windmiller Greg
PRO-1 3 PRO Abeln Joe
PRO-1 4 PRO Mizeur Kelsey
PRO-2 1 PRO Brownlow Ryan
PRO-2 2 PRO Rogowski Bart
PRO-2 3 PRO Weiss Kritter
PRO-2 4 PRO Jseppi Sven
PRO-3 1 PRO Stalnyi Andrii
PRO-3 2 PRO Kotlorov Sergey
PRO-3 3 PRO Chernyshov Yuriy
PRO-4 1 PRO Galle Gage
PRO-4 2 PRO Rodriguez Paul
PRO-4 3 PRO Karlsson Johan
PRO-4 4 PRO Neto Manny
PRO-4 5 PRO Piotrowski Peter
PRO-5 1 PRO Fedotov Sergey
PRO-5 2 PRO Stevens Mikeal
PRO-5 3 PRO McNenney Brian
PRO-5 4 PRO Gajda Kenneth
PRO-6 1 PRO Mitchell William
PRO-6 2 PRO Dutch Ray
PRO-6 3 PRO Hart Alex