In-Air Comm’s at Tveir

Many competitors have asked if in-air radios will be allowed at Tveir.  Our interest with this event is for all competitors to compete as safely as possible while putting on a good show for the crowd.  These communication systems(whether their 1-way or 2-way) are a great tool for verbal communication between you and your team mate.  They have the potential to make your team safer if used appropriately.  These tools are available at a reasonable cost to all competitors therefore they are not deemed as an unfair advantage if one team chooses to use them and another does not.  With that in mind, radio systems will be allowed.  If you have any questions, please let me know.


CA League Standings – Final Meet 9/8/2012

The California Regional Canopy Piloting League would like to thank everyone who has supported the league in 2012, especially Skydive Sacramento, Adrenaline Obsession, Performance Designs, ACME Plastics, and all of our volunteer judges. We have completed three meets and the fourth and final meet is scheduled for September 8th, 2012 at Skydive Sacramento. We are confident that the final meet of 2012 will be the best yet!

We will be having an end of the season BBQ after the competition. Adrenaline Obsession will be present at the meet to hand out awards for Accuracy, Speed, and Distance. Overall league awards will be handed out after the meet results are posted. We will be paying out the equivalent of US Nationals registration and jumps for the overall Pro division winner and the equivalent of US Nationals registration fees for the overall advanced group winner.

CRCPL League Standings as of 8/9/2012

Anything can happen in the final meet. The competitors will have their lowest score dropped of the four meets – so the standings can change quickly. Even if you haven’t joined the league, consider coming out for the last meet and BBQ. Its going to be a fantastic event.

Marcel Pomerleau navigates the accuracy course. Photo by Esther Kim