California Announces Make-Up Meet Schedule

Congratulations to all of the competitors who competed in last weeks USPA Nationals. Our second meet held on May 19th at Skydive Sacramento had 12 competitors. 10 competed in the Pro group and we had 2 competitors in the Amateur group.

The conditions were almost perfect, and at the end of the competition, in the Pro group Rob Wallace took 1st place (472 pts), Jason Sanders was in 2nd (451 pts), and Ryan Brownlow took 3rd (430 pts). In the Amateur class, David Hawley took 1st (382 pts) and Walt Hawkins took 2nd (215 pts).

After two meets, here are the league standings:

We have two more meets to make up for our first two that were postponed. The official dates for the make-up meets are:

Meet #3 – July 28th, 2012
Meet #4 – September 8th, 2012

Remember, that only the top three scores will be used to compute the final standings. The top Pro will have the equivalent of US Nationals Registration and jumps paid for, and the top Amateur will have US Nationals Registration covered. We’ve got a lot of action left here on the West coast for 2012. We encourage those who have not competed in the first two events to come on out and use these events as training opportunities! The organizers appreciate the support of the community as we continue to improve the league.

The Skydive Sacramento pond is looking good! See you on July 28th!

PD Tveir events announced

**Subject to Change**

General rules governing competition, competitor conduct, safety, etc are all in play.  I’m not going to rewrite all of them here.  As a PRO level competitor you should have a good understanding of these rules.  If you have a question, please ask. Here’s the events….(subject to change)

Team Kris Kross-(3 rounds)  Two separate lanes are set up in the pond.  One team member will enter from one direction using one of the lanes.  The other team member will enter from the opposite direction using the other lane. The goal is to have both team members pass through the middle gate at the same time, which would score your team a 0.000 seconds.  When the first team member passes through the center gate, the timer starts.  When the second team member passes through the center gate the time stops.   Both team members must drag through the center gate of the course.

Team Speed-(3 rounds) Two straight lane speed courses are set up on the pond.  The first competitor to enter their lane begins the time for their team. The last competitor to exit his lane ends the time for the team. Both competitors must make the entry gate, stay within their 5 foot course, and exit through their exit gate. Scores will be calculated based on traditional speed calculations for the team

Team In-Lane Distance-(3 rounds) Two side by side lanes will be set up from end to end in the pond.  Each team member will accumulate points for their team by dragging through as many water zones as possible. Both team members must exit the end of the pond cleanly over the “chow line”. Sound easy? Here’s the catch, this must be done in a synchronized manner(side by side) if you want to keep all your points.  The teams synchronization will be judged by a gate/timer across the pond near the exit side of the pond which the team must cross as close to the same time as possible. If you cross the line at the same time, you keep your full score. The longer the time from the first to the second team member, the greater the deduction from the team.

Team Expression-(1 round)  With the general concepts and scoring set forth in the FAI freestyle rules teams will have free rein at the pond.  Moves must be pre-declared.

Raft Accuracy-(1 round) The 8 ft. inflatable raft will be placed in the middle of the pond.  Give it your best go and try to stand up on it.  Competitors must touch water first(no sinking it in)

Tommy Dellibac wins 2012 FLCPA season













The 2012 regular season came to an end this past weekend with a star-studded event at Skydive the Farm.  There were 92, that’s right 92 competitors who came out to compete this year at the FLCPA.  After 4 meets(meet 2 was weathered out) PD Factory Team member Tommy Delibac was the overall champion.  He was followed by Curt Bartholomew from team Alter Ego taking the silver.  Rounding out the top three was Greg Windmiller from the US Army Golden Knights.

This season’s top Amateur, Kelsey Mizuer, and top PRO, Tommy Delibac, will have their registrations and jumps paid for by the FLCPA this week at USPA nationals in recognition of their accomplishments through the season.

This years “most improved” went to Shaggio Rodriguez for his accomplishments and improvements over the season.  Shaggy finished 15th overall this year.

Stay tuned for more details about PD TVEIR and the upcoming 2013 schedule!

Nick Batsch wins FLCPA meet #5 in Georgia

The morning started out beautiful 41 competitors arrived from around the world to compete in the fifth and final FLCPA meet of the 2012 season.  After completing the practice round we moved directly into the first two rounds of speed. As that event completed the winds began to pick up from the southeast.  Those of you who have been to Skydive the Farm before know that this is the direction that blows over the trees from a quartering tail wind making it a bit more difficult to run courses.

After a five and a half hour hold, we resumed jumping at around five o’clock.  With just under 4 hours left of daylight, it seemed unlikely that we would conclude the meet in one day.  With Han’s Paulsens lightning fast pilots, and the quick course changes by our judges, we managed to complete the final four rounds with less than one minute remaining before the 8:52 pm official sunset.

With the rule changes in distance, the FAI & USPA brought back the “competition” record category which had been eliminated.  For the last few years all records were deemed “Performance” records. Bringing back this category sets a new area for records to be set.  The speed event concluded with a new state and national competition record set by Tommy Delibac at 2.494 seconds beating Greg Windmillers previous record of 2.607 seconds. And a Female category, a new state and national competition record was set by Jessica Edgeington at 2.897 seconds.

The distance event saw a new state and national competition record set by Nick Batsch at 131.19 meters. This passed Tommy’s record set at FLCPA meet #4 of 128.74 meters.  In the female category Jessica set a new state and national distance record with a stupendous run of 108.70 meters.

In the end Nick Batch was in first place with 548.44 points,  Greg Windmiller in second with 535.73 points, and Curt Bartholomew in third with 518.81 points.

Big thanks to all our judges, Skydive the Farm, and our league supporters Performance Designs and Mirage Systems.

With USPA Nationals of CP beginning in just a few days, this meet served as a great warm up for competitors, judges, and the host.  A USPA national and FAI international judges training program is also going on this week to ensure our judges are in tip-top shape. They’re prepared for our Nationals and ready to see new records set at the state, national, and international levels.

Full scores for meet 5 can be found here.

Pictures are on the FLCPA facebook page.

FLCPA meet #5-the list…

Preregistered for meet #5? Let the list begin!  I’ll update this list each day so you watch it as the event gets closer.

Last Name First Name
1 Wallace Rob
2 Rodriguez Paul
3 Anderson Jeannie
4 Levesque Shaggio
5 Mundry Matt
6 Mizeur Kelsey
7 Piotrowski Peter
8 Hartley John
9 baranowski miki
10 Hawley David
11 Figel Aaron
12 Zell Jared
13 Garmashov Yuri
14 Mitchell Will
15 Windmiller Greg
16 Berchtold Albert
17 Galle Gage
18 Yount Larry
19 Bartholomew Curt
20 Kallehave Peter
21 Weiss Kritter
22 Price Justin
23 Bobo Ian
24 Batsch Nick
25 Rogowski Bart
26 Abeln Joe
27 Dellibac Thomas
29 Sharman Billy
30 sanders jason
31 Foley Shawn
32 Edgeington Jessica
33 Fedotov Sergey
34 stevens mikeal
35 Shull Matt
36 Brownlow Ryan
37 Chernyshov Yuriy
38 Harper Scott
39 Schoenfeld Stuart