PRO/AM test competition in Raeford

Chatting with Greg Windmiller from the Golden Knights we came up with a fun plan for this weekend’s FLCPA meet in Raeford.  After the draw is done and exit orders are assigned, we’ll be matching up each PRO with a random Amateur competitor.  That Amateur will be their “Little Brother” for the meet.  The PRO and Amateur can watch their team mate, and give them little tips through the meet.

At the end of the meet, we’ll average their scores for a “Team” score.  The highest scoring team will be recognized as the team winner for the meet with a cash prize to split.

So, you don’t have to win the meet by yourself to take home some cash, you can take home some cash by helping out your fellow swooper…

CRCPL – Results for Meet #1

After a tough start to the season, the CRCPL officially got under way on Saturday April 21, 2012 at Skydive Sacramento.  It was a beautiful day in the high 80′s with low to moderate winds.  A total of ten competitors registered, 9 in the pro category and 1 in the amateur group.  A total of 5 volunteer judges were on hand to score the meet and the group was headed up by Will McDaniel.

Photo by Katie Blain – Jason Sanders sticks a landing in a Zone Accuracy round.

The day started out with two speed rounds, moved to both distance rounds, and the meet ended with both accuracy rounds.  Ryan Brownlow was competing in his first competition since breaking an ankle while training for Dubai last fall.  Scott Harper, who traveled to Dubai after the injury, battled it out with Brownlow for the top spot all day long.   The pair exchanged top scores in the first two speed rounds and went into the final round of accuracy with only 0.54 points separating them.  After receiving identical scores in the final round, Brownlow edged out Harper for 1st place.  John Minos rounded out the top three in the Pro category.

Ryan Brownlow 1st, Scott Harper 2nd, John Minos 3rd

Walt Hawkins was the lone competitor in the amateur category.  Walt flew well for his first competition (Beer!) and scored a total of  224 points.

We want to thank all of our judges, Skydive Sacramento, and all of the competitors who came out and made this happen.   We will be holding 3 more events so if you are interested in joining the league, its not too late to do so.  We will be taking the competitors top three scores of the four meets.  The next competition is on May 19th, 2012 at Skydive Sacramento.  The two events after Nationals will be announced as soon as possible.

Photo by Katie Blain – Yuri Garmashov scoring the gates on an accuracy run

PD Tveir 2012

With the support of Performance Designs in celebration of their 30th Anniversary, we are proud to announce a fantastic *Pro Only” meet for the 2012 season.  In an effort to keep things new and fresh we’ve come up with a new challenging format for our PRO pilots.  Following in the footsteps of the PD Challenge, Last Big Splash, and PD Big Boy Pants, this years event will be another one you won’t want to miss.

PD Tveir will be the first complete two way competition to be held.  This isn’t just a team speed round tacked on to the end of a meet.  You will enter as a team, compete as a team, and win(or loose) as a team.  The events will be structured to showcase the competitors ability to fly as team and scores will be calculated accordingly.

Save the date: October 5-7, 2012

Location: Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL

Prize Purse:$4,000


Qualification: 2 person teams.  BOTH team members must be listed on the PRO list and approved by FLCPA meet director prior to event.  Pro’s from abroad, please contact for approval.

Registration:  (per team)In order to complete your team registration, go to the events registration page and register your team.  Only one registration per team needed.

If paid by May 31, 2012-$300

If paid by July 31, 2012-$350

If paid by August 31, 2012-$420

After August 31 til Oct 5-$500

Registration paid is non-refundable & nontransferable.


2012 FLCPA season is heating up!

With the third meet in the books, lets take a look at how the season overalls are shaping up.  In the PRO class, Tommy Dellibac is in the lead with 196.9 points after two meets, followed by Curt Bartholomew with 195.4.  after a first place finish at meet 1, Nick Batsch dropped down the list after missing meet three due to a training injury.  Reports look like he’ll be back in the saddle for meet 4 in Raeford.  He still has a shot at the overall if he can put up strong placings in the last two meets.

In the Amateur class Peter Piotrowski is in the lead with 188.6 points followed by Miki Baranowski with 155.5 and Jeannie Anderson at 143.2.  Coming into the season late after returning from New Zealand is Kelsey Mizeur who put up a strong finish at meet 3.  If he can keep that up for the final two meets, he’ll stand a chance at a top finish in the Amateur class. Garret Davenport(7th at meet 1) & Rob Wallace(8th at meet 3) also had good showings at the meets they attended and are still well in the running for top spaces in their class.

With meet 2 in Zhills getting weathered out, we’ll be counting each competitors top 3 finishes.  So you’ll still get to drop one score if you attend all 4 meets.

Overall standings to date for the 2012 season can be found here.


CA Meet this weekend at Skydive Sacramento!

After a tough start to the year out West, the weather forecast looks gorgeous for the scheduled CA Regional meet this weekend.  April 21st at Skydive Sacramento in Lincoln, CA.  Pre-Registration is now closed, but onsite registration is still open!!!

Please plan on arriving around 7am so that you can have all of your paperwork filled out prior to the 8am start.  A practice round will be mandatory and those not ready by 8am will not be permitted to compete.
We are looking forward to a great weekend!

Tom Dellibac wins FLCPA meet #3

This past weekend was FLCPA meet #3 at Skydive the Farm.  35 competitors came out for the meet 19 Pro, 16 Amateur.  This being the venue for this years CP Nationals, it was great to get some runs in on the courses that we’ll be competing on again in June.  The Friday practice day was great weather.  Saturday morning brought high crosswinds above 700 ft which made setups difficult. After finishing the practice and first round, the winds came down to the ground and we were on a weather hold.  Around 5:30 the winds lightend up and we were able to do another run on the speed course where Greg Windmiller established a new Georgia state speed record of 2.607 seconds.  We finished the day with a beautiful sunset round of zone accuracy.

Sunday morning brought similar conditions, but with clouds too!  We were able to finish one round of Distance with the longest run by Kelsey Mizuer in the Amateur class.  Tom Dellibac established a new Georgia state record with a run of 105.65 meters.  The clouds rolled in as we finished the distance round and that brought the meet to an end with four rounds completed.

Jessica Edgeington also established two new Georgia female records of 2.944 seconds in the speed event and 88.86 meters in the new distance event.

The final standings had Tom Dellibac with the Gold, Kelsey Mizeur with the Silver, and Curt Bartholomew with the Bronze.

Big thanks to Skydive the Farm for hosting a spectacular meet.  Hans and his staff are top notch!  Our Judges Eric, Jolene, Kevin, and our newest addition Ori did an amazing job(as usual).  And a big round for Performance Designs and Mirage for their league support.  Full standings can be found here.

The 4th FLCPA meet of the season will be in Raeford North Carolina on May 5-6.  See you there!!!



FLCPA #3 at Skydive the Farm this weekend

On the heels of 64 competitors at Meet 2 everyone’s got their eyes set on Skydive the Farm to see if we have the same turnout.  I’ll start the list…don’t forget to preregister……

1. Albert Berchtold
2. Greg Windmiller
3. Joe Abeln
4.Jerry Hannon
5. Curt Bartholomew
6. Jeanie Anderson
7. Stu Schoenfeld
8. Matt Mundry
9. Larry Yount
10. John Nolan
11. Zach Stone
12. Ryan Levesque
13. Kelsey Mizeur
14. Bart Rogowski
15. Sven Jseppi
16. Brian McNenney
17.  Peter Piotrowski
18. Pete Schwartz
19. Miki Baranowski
20. Bryan Buechler
21. Rob Wallace
22. Gage Galle
23. Adam Teeling
24. Tom Dellibac
25. Jessica Edgeington
26. Aaron Figel
27. Jared Zell