California Regional Meet #2 Postponed

In anticipation of sustained rain storms all week and into the weekend, the organizers of the California Regional meet have postponed this weekends event at Skydive Sacramento.  We will be rescheduling the first two meets that have been postponed with the dates to be announced shortly.

It won’t be possible for us to reschedule the meet before Nationals in June.  For that reason, we’ll be re-structuring our Championship prizes for the league.  Instead of sending the winner of the pro and amateur groups to Nationals, we’ll be holding an equivalent cash purse for the winners.  The winners will be decided in the same manner, with all or the competitors being able to drop their lowest score of all four meets.  The final two events will be held after Nationals, at which time the California League Champions will be crowned.

Our next meet will be April 21st at Skydive Sacramento.  This has relocated from Perris to Sacramento.  The organizers of the California League would like to thank all of the competitors for their understanding during this tough start to the season.  We look forward to seeing you on April 21st!

FLCPA #2 Weathered out

Sixty four competitors showed up for the second meet of the 2012 FLCPA season.  The practice days were busy through the entire week leading up to the Saturday event.  The forecast didn’t look too good, and by the end of the practice round the winds had picked up over limits around 10:30am.  At 1:00 coach Scott Roberts gave a seminar on competition events and held an open round table discussion about rules, etc.  At 3:00pm we called it for the day and tried the following morning, but again the weather wasn’t cooperating.

There have been a number of inquiries as to how the overall league standings will be calculated this year with one of the meets being weathered out.  This is the first meet that has been completely weathered out in the last 5 years so we didn’t really have a plan for it.  After discussions and feedback, It’s been decided that we’ll use best three scores of the four meets which took place.  So you’ll still get to drop a meet if you attended meet 1 and you make the three remaining.  If you missed meet one, you can still give a go at the overall with the last three meets.

Meet 3 is scheduled for April 14-15 at Skydive The Farm and we’ll be sure to pay off the weather gods sufficiently for the next meet!


California Regional CPL – Meet #2 Pre-Register Now

The California Regional CP League will be moving forward with the three remaining events and will be dropping the lowest score for those who attend all three. All previously advertised awards will remain in place.  The make-up meet for our first event will be discussed, but will likely take place after Nationals due to schedules and timing of the other regional events.

***Special Notice***
If you are not signed up, registered, waivered and ready to go by 8:00am (start of the practice round) you will not be allowed to compete. There will be no exceptions. We highly recommend arriving to Skydive Sacramento on Friday to get some additional practice jumps in and fill out paperwork.  If you can’t arrive until Saturday, please get there at 7am to fill out necessary waivers.  We’ll work to get these online prior to next weekend.

Please pre-register for the event here: . Pre-Registration for the event ends on Thursday March 15th, 2012 at midnight. Member and Non-member costs will go up $10 after midnight.  If you registered for the first event online, you are already registered for this event unless you contacted Marcel Pomerleau ( and requested a refund.

For those of you who competed last year, the new rules have forced some changes.  Distance and speed course have switched directions on the pond.  We needed to do this for several reasons, but allows both events to be held on water.  The accuracy event remains unchanged.