HUGE turnout expected for FLCPA #2

This weekend will be the second of five meets this season.  The first meet in ZHills last month drew 44 competitors, and this months meet is looking like it will be even bigger.  My guess is we’ll have around 60 by Saturday morning.  Don’t forget to preregister if you haven’t done so yet!  Here’s the list so far. I’ll add to it throughout the week if you want to check back and see the number grow.

1.Albert Berchtold
2.Greg Windmiller-Golden Knights
3.Gage Galle-Skydive Hawaii
4.Chad Madden
5.Stuart Schoenfeld-Slipstream
6.Ryan Levesque
7.Joe Silvia-Texas
8. John Nolan
9.Yuri Chernechov-Ukraine
10.Sergey Kotlyarov-Russia
11.Andrei S
12.Andrei R
13.Alexander K
14.Anders Eger-Denmark
15.Erling Dyrmose-Denmark
16.Kenneth Rasmussen-Denmark
17.Christian Moller-Denmark
18.Martin Halfer-Denmark
19.Martin Bro Andersen-Denmark
20.Rene Hansen-Denmark
21.Claus Lisberg-Denmark
22.Thomas Thorndahl-Denmark
23.Torben Tidemann-Denmark
24.Curt Bartholomew-AlterEgo
25.Jeannie Anderson-AlterEgo
26.Nick Batsch-AlterEgo
27.Ian Bobo-PDFT
28.Jerry Hannon-NY
29.Bart Rogowski-Deland, FL
30.Sven Jseppi-Skydive OBX
31.Gavin Griffin-Deland, FL
32.John Zuliani-Canada
33.Brice Bernier-France
34.Tommy Dellibac-PDFT
35.Paul Rodriguez-SoCal
36.Gerard Burnside-France
37.David Maleze-France
38.Julian Guiho-France
39.Ian Drennan-PDFT
40.Rob Wallace-SoCal
41.Aaron Stocum-ZHills Local Baby!!
42.Daniel Feltner-Deland, FL
43.Joe Abeln-Golden Knights
44.Jared Zell-Golden Knights
45.Aaron Figel-Golden Knights
46.Garret Davenport
47.Michael McGuire-New York
48.Peter Piotrowski-Chicagoland
49.Brian McNenney-Slipstream
50.Peter Bany-Deland, FL
51.Miki Baranowski
52.Eddie Reiter-New York
53.Marko Markovich-New York
54.Bert Kosbar
55.Sergey Fedotov
56.Andery Kan
57.Paul Peeler
58.Matt Mundry
59.Peter Kallehave-Roostertail
60.Manny Neto-Brazil


New selection process for US National team

The USPA recently updated their process for selecting the US National Canopy Piloting team.  Historically CP has taken the top 8 in a world meet year, and 12 for a world cup from the overall placings.  The new criteria used will be to take the gold medal winners from each event(speed, distance, zone accuracy), and then fill the remaining slots from the overall standings.

In most cases this won’t change who makes the team, because anyone who gets 1st place in one event, usually ends up making the top 8 or twelve anyway.  The only difference would be if someone takes gold in an individual event and ends up falling down the standings so far that they don’t make the top 8 or 12 overall.  This could be because they zero in other events, get injured and can’t complete the meet, or maybe they are just REALLY good in one event and suck at the other ones.  Whichever the reasons, this new process ensures that the US is sending the top performer in each event and in design is sending the top candidate to win a medal at the world level event.

Nationals begins in about 16 weeks, get to practicing!!!!

CP Fatality in Perris

This past weekend I sat at the USPA winter board meeting in San Diego, CA working to assist our board in continuing to improve our CP competition/rules.   About 80 miles away the first meet of the California  Canopy Piloting League was kicking off on Saturday morning at Perris.  There were 16 competitors in attendance which is a great start to their Cali season.  During the first pass of the first competition round on Saturday, Sean Carey, an experienced jumper from the San Diego area with approx 8,000 jumps had a tragic incident.  Sean performed a 270 degree approach to the course but all didn’t go as planned.  He impacted the water at a high rate of speed causing serious injury.  After receiving medical attention, Sean later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

As competitors I think we should all take a serious look at how we approach our runs.  The more aggressive approaches that are tight on the gate greatly decrease options for the competitor if you end up low and tight on the course.  Ten years ago people when people came out to watch swoop meets and they crossed their fingers in hopes that someone would catch a knee and splash into the water.  The speeds then were slower, and the approaches looked quite different. A chow into the pond was a funny event.  The water impacts in our discipline are no longer laughing matter, they no longer bring high fives and laughs.  They break bones and kill.  Why?  I think the increased speed have contributed somewhat, and people’s ability to manage that speed.  But we’re also pushing our approaches to the gates tighter and steeper than ever before.  This greatly reduces options, and options are good when you’re traveling 70+miles per hour at the ground.

Please take a moment, even if you think you’ve got your approach all figured out, to look at how close you are to the edge and if there’s anything you can do to improve the safety margin on your approach.

Our thoughts and prayers go out Sean’s family, friends and the entire southern California skydiving community.




FLCPA League Director elected to USPA Board of Directors

Last year when Eric Florio was hired by USPA as director of communications he had to relinquish his seat on the board of directors(USPA staff members may not sit on the Board).  This left an empty seat on the board.  In accordance with the USPA bylaws, the vacant seat on the board would be filled during the next board meeting.  This past weekend I attended the USPA winter board of directors meeting in San Diego,California in hopes filling this open position.    After the vote from the board, they selected yours truly to fill the open position on the Board.

That’s right, there’s a swooper on the USPA Board!  This is a good day for the CP community here in the US.

USPA implements new CP Rules

This weekend the USPA BOD voted to carry out the new distance course for the open class that the IPC approved earlier this month.  The new rules for the distance are to be published by the IPC on March 1st, and will be implemented into the new USPA Competition manual that will be effective at the 2012 nationals at Skydive the Farm.

For the Advanced class, there was quite a bit of discussion on how and if this course should be amended.  After getting ideas from CP competitors in the field, the Board discussed various options.  Keeping the course the same, moving the entry gate down to 1.5 meters, adding some sort of drag similar to the open class were all discussed.  In the end the board voted to keep the 3 meter entry gate for the distance event at this time.  They also voted to add a 1.5 meter tall gate at 50 meters down the course (same as in the open class).  This was done in an effort to bring the approach of the advanced competitors one step closer to the open class.

There were no changes to the speed and zone accuracy events.

Time to get training!

USPA 2013 CP Nationals venue selected

This weekend the USPA board of directors gathered in San Diego, CA for their winter meeting.  One of the items placed before the competition committee was a proposal from Skydive City in Zephyrhills Florida for the 2013 USPA National Championships of Canopy Piloting.  After review of the proposal the bid was approved.

Skydive City has been host to numerous canopy piloting competitions over the past years.  Their new pond expansion has made them one of the premier CP venues in the US.

The bid offered the month of May 2013 for the event to be held.  Exact dates will be provided in the coming weeks by Skydive City.  This time of year offers the lowest rain fall, lightest winds, and best weather potential in central Florida.  It will also make their nationals the selection for the 2013 World Cup to be held in Russia in August 2013.

CP World Cup 2013 venue announced

Some hot news for all you swoopers out there.  The folks from Russia put in a bid for the 2013 World Cup of Canopy Piloting which was reviewed and accepted by the IPC earlier this month.

Where: Cheboksary, Russia-600km east of Moscow

When: August 24-29th 2013

There is currently no pond at this airport, but with this event being granted comes the plan to have the pond constructed by the end of September 2012.

FAI votes on new CP rules

This past week was the 63rd FAI plenary meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. February 7-12, 2012. Here’s the changes coming for this year…
They had major rule changes to propose for acceptance by the Plenary, both for the Distance and the Speed events. These relate to safety for the competitors and came out of the competitors meeting in Klatovy at the European Championships and World Cup, had been tested by the advisors to the committee and discussed at great length before being presented here. For distance it was proposed that the changes come into effect this year for the Mondial as there is plenty of time for competitors to train with the new rules, the new Speed rules would come into effect next year.

Distance – it is proposed that water is dragged through the entry gate, that there be 5 gates and each gate is set at 1.5 meters. Extension would result in a 0 score. There was a lot of discussion from the floor, particularly from the French Delegation who are very opposed to the introduction of dragging through the first gate, which they consider to be unsafe. The Speed course from 2013 will be a straight course, water must be dragged through 1 – 4 gates and there will be a 0 score for not dragging. The committee also proposed that the world record rules be changed, so that Competition records be under the new rules, but Performance Records be under the old.(from plenary notes)

Keeping in line with these IPC changes, we’ll continue running the “new” distance event, and go back to the “old” carving speed event starting with FLCPA meet #2.

Pre-Registration open for California Meet #1!!!

We are about a week away from the much anticipated debut of the the California Regional Canopy Piloting League.  There is a lot going on the day of the event, so we are asking those who are competing to fill out the proper paperwork ahead of time and register for the event prior to the competitor briefing on Saturday morning at 7am.  Click HERE to download the paperwork and please fill it out prior to arriving at the DZ.  You can register for the league ($65) and pre-register for the event ($35 Member, $55 Non-member) HERE.  Starting Friday morning, February 17th, pre-registering will close and event costs will increase to $45/$65, so get in now.

The courses will be set up on Friday so we encourage you to come out and practice.  We will require one practice jump Saturday morning for those who arrive the day of and have not had a chance to see the course.

We look forward to a fantastic event.  See you at Perris Valley on Saturday, February 18th!