Swoop Pond Improvements at Z-Hills

It’s almost December here in Florida and the 2012 FLCPA season is right around the corner.  This years first two meets of the FLCPA will be held at Skydive City in Z-Hills Florida, first meet being on the weekend of January 21st.

With the hopes of improving the Zone Accuracy area at Z-Hills, TK has been  exploring options and cost for putting sand or peas into this area.  This week, Skydive City, the PD Factory Team, and the FLCPA  got together to make final arrangements for the sand to be put into the swoop course.

Here’s a few shots of the new and improved landing area.  The sexy guy on the heavy machine is Tom Dellibac Sr.  He’s been working hard on this project to help improve the landing area for us.