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  1. Jon Hartley says:

    I was just hoping I could be notified of meet dates when they come out. Thanks.

    • floridacpa says:

      Hi Jon, I’ve signed you up to recieve updates about the FLCPA. You’ll have an email to approve your subscription in your mailbox. Hope to see you for the meets in 2011! The schedule’s just about finished!

  2. Mak and Max says:

    Hi, we’re two swooper from Italy.
    We would like to join at meet #2 … during our planned training week in z-hills!
    What we have to do?

    Mak & Max

    • floridacpa says:

      Hi Mak & Max,
      If your going to be in z-hills training its pretty easy, we’ll have the courses set up ahead of time and onsite registration will be open on Friday. If you want to preregister, there are paypal buttons on the site. if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
      See you there,

  3. Justin says:

    JP from H-Town! Im going to pull some strings at the kotex 200 and see if I cant make it to the meet January 29 and make my first jump in FL.

  4. Steven Hudoba says:

    Can you please add me to the updates list? Are any events scheduled in July 2011? Thanks!

    • floridacpa says:

      Hi Steve,
      There’s an email sign up box on the left side of the home page. The 5th and final meet of the 2011 regular season will be at Skydive the Farm on June 11-12. Be there or be square!! July 28-31 will be the PD Big Boy Pants Invitational at Mile Hi in Colorado.

  5. Kelsey Mizeur says:

    Hey Al – Will you put me on the list to receive email updates for FLCPA please? It looks like I’ll make it back from NZ in time for meet #3 at The Farm, as well the last 2. Thanks – km

    • Hey Kelsey, Your signed up, you should have an email in your inbox to confirm your email.
      I also put a sign-up box on the left hand of the page for anyone else who wants to sign up.

  6. Zachary Stone says:

    How do we go about pre-registering for meet #1 in Z-Hills next week?

  7. Johnny Gunn says:

    I was wondering if I could be added to the updates list? Thanks a heep!



  8. peter p. says:

    The meet #3 at the Skydive the farm show dates in May. It’s in April right?

  9. Julio says:

    It’s 3 days competition?

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