Clarifying some questions on canopy restrictions

I’ve had a few folks ask about the canopy restrictions for the intermediate and beginner class. As there are constantly new designs coming out, this part of our rules will need to be constantly modified in order to keep the competition fair and safe.

Here’s a link to the details:
For Intermediate—Canopy restrictions: Ultra high performance canopies such as Peregrine, Petra, HK, or other super duper swoop machines will not be permitted in this class. The top performers in this class may be able to pilot one of these wings, but in a competition setting safety comes first and these wings are not intermediate swoop canopies. Those who own one of these canopies and wish to compete will be asked to fly a more appropriate wing until they have met one below listed criteria to compete in the PRO class.

Can I jump a Valkyrie or Leia  or equivalent with sail internals in the intermediate or beginner class? YES  While this upgrade does most likely increase the performance of the canopy, it could be safely and fairly piloted in this class.

Can I jump a Valkyrie or Leia or equivalent made of all sail or a sail top skin or bottom skin in the Intermediate or beginner class?  NO, After discussing with others this would bring the performance of the canopy to a level where it belongs in the PRO class only.  

Can I jump a Petra or equivalent made of ZP material in the intermediate class?  NO, This design has been deemed appropriate for PRO pilots only.  

I have a prototype high performance canopy and I don’t know what class I should be jumping in?  If you have to ask this question then maybe you should reconsider if you should be jumping an unproven design in competition.

I hope this info helps as you prepare for the upcoming season!

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2017 Meet registration list- Meet #1

The 2017 season is upon us!!! Here’s the registration list for meet #1!!!

Registration here:

*If there is an asterisk next to your name it is because you did not complete the registration process through to payment.  In order to recieve the preregistration discount, please make sure you complete your registration payment before the prereg deadline.


1Greg  WindmillerImage result for  member button
2Joe AbelnImage result for  member button
3Albert BerchtoldImage result for  member button
4Jared Zell Image result for  member button
5John López Image result for  member button

1Curt BartholomewImage result for  member button
2Charlie Mullins Image result for  member button
3Jeannie BartholomewImage result for  member button
4Cliff Steele Image result for  member button
5Pawel Piotrowski Image result for  member button


1Justin PriceImage result for  member button
2Max ManowImage result for guest button
3Max Kossidowski Image result for guest button
4Matt Shull Image result for guest button
5Matt Leonard Image result for  member button

1Paul Rodriguez Image result for  member button
2Jason Sanders Image result for  member button
3Sven Jseppi Image result for guest button
4Travis Mills Image result for  member button
5Maxine Tate Image result for guest button


1Shane Shaffer
2Andrii Stalniy Image result for guest button
3Yuri Chernyshov Image result for guest button
4Alain Sigrist Image result for guest button


5Nate Clark Image result for  member button


1Pat Kessler Image result for  member button
2Jens Esselstrom Image result for  member button
3Fraser Feltner Image result for  member button
4Mike Yi Image result for  member button
5Marc Downing Image result for guest button

1Nick Peck Image result for  member button
2Kurt Smith Image result for  member button
3Charlie Anderson Image result for guest button
4Shaggio Levesque Image result for  member button
5Robin Jandle Image result for  member button

1Pete Lubrano Image result for  member button
2Scott Robinson Image result for  member button
3Ryan Jenkins Image result for guest button
4Alex Gubanov Image result for guest button
5Justin Anderson Image result for guest button


1Ricky Nelson Image result for  member button
2Alex Hart Image result for guest button
3Christian Cody Image result for  member button
4Matthias Uttinger Image result for guest button
5Beau Riebe Image result for  member button

1David Williams Image result for  member button
2John Haley Image result for  member button
3James Trimble Image result for  member button
4Daniele Tancredi Image result for  member button
5Richo Healey Image result for  member button

1Travis Mickle Image result for guest button
2Brayden Jones Image result for guest button
3Adam Elkin Image result for guest button
4Evan Pritchard Image result for guest button
5Austin Rametta Image result for guest button


2Jeremy George
3Brian Ganousis Image result for guest button
4Kyle Stubbs Image result for guest button
5Dan HammondImage result for  member button

2015 plaques


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2017 FLCPA Schedule Announcement

Get ready for the most amazing swoop season yet!

  • We’re adding another location to our list of host dropzones.  The folks up in West Tennessee have built a great pond for us to come jump at.
  • New competitive classes! If you’re rocking a Sabre2 or Katana, come on out!
  • If you want to swoop in July or September, visit our friends at the NECPL (schedule coming soon)!!

2017 Schedule:

Meet #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 25-26

Coach: Curt Bartholomew

Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills  April 1-2

Coach: Justin Price

Meet #3 Skydive Sebastian April 29-30

Coach: Curt Bartholomew

Meet #4 West Tennessee Skydiving May 20-21

Coach: Paul Rodriguez

Meet #5 Skydive Paraclete XP June 24-25

Coach:Greg Windmiller

Meet #6 Skydive Paraclete XP September 9-10 (Pre-Nationals)

Coach: TBD

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Updated classes for 2017

This is something that we have all been chatting about for a few years now.  At this point the league has grown to a level where we can support a 3rd class.  Here’s the rundown:

CLASSES: Swoopleague consists of three classes, a Beginner , an Intermediate class, and a Pro class. All pilots will have the opportunity to place themself in the beginner or intermediate class(whichever is appropriate).  Qualification by the rules below will be required for the Pro class.  All classes will operate in accordance with USPA competition rules, here are the main differences in courses for each class:

Distance: entry gates=3 meters, 1.5 meter exit gate at 50 meters.(same as 2016 amateur)
Speed: entry gates 3 meters, 1.5 meter exit gate(same as 2016 amateur)
Accuracy: Infinity gates will be used for gate 1.  Water drag will not be penalized but required for water points.  Water gate points will be awarded for flying below the 1.5 meter bouys. If balls are used for gates 2-4, judges will “judge” the 1.5 meter fly over. Benefit of the doubt will be given to the competitor and no whining will be permitted.
Who competes in this class:  Competitors in the beginner are learning the world of competitive canopy piloting.  If it’s your first season competing, this is definitely the place for you.
Turn and WL :  Those who are jumping noncrossbraced canopies are usually in the 1.5-1.9 range. Those who are jumping xbraced wings are typically in the 1.8-2.2 range. Some are slightly higher, some are slightly lower.  Competitors in this class will utilize no greater than a 270 degree turn at a wing loading no greater than 2.50
Canopy restrictions:  Ultra high performance canopies such as Peregrine, Petra, HK, or other super duper swoop machines will not be permitted in this class.   If you can jump one of these, you are not a beginner swooper.  If you are a beginner swooper and you have acquired one of these canopies, give it back now, before you die.

Distance: entry gates-1.5 meters(no water touch), 1.5 meter exit gate at 50 meters.
Speed: entry gates-1.5 meters.  1.5 meters entire course.
Accuracy: no change, same as pro.
Who competes in this class:  Competitors who have a fair amount of competition experience,  have already gained an understanding of the rules, and have mastered the beginner level courses may wish to step up to the intermediate class.  If it’s your first season competing, this is probably not the place for you, a 1.5 meter entry gate is not as easy as it sounds.   This class is much more competitive and designed to hone skills before stepping up to the pro class.
Turn and WL :  Most of the competitors in this class are jumping xbraced wings typically loaded in the 2.1-2.5 range. Some are slightly higher, some are slightly lower.  Competitors in this class most commonly utilize turns ranging from 270-630 degrees.  Competitors are limited to no greater than a 270 degree turn if loaded above  2.80
Canopy restrictions:  Ultra high performance canopies such as Peregrine, Petra, HK, or other super duper swoop machines will not be permitted in this class.   The top performers in this class may be able to pilot one of these wings, but in a competition setting safety comes first and these wings are not intermediate swoop canopies.  Those who own one of these canopies and wish to compete will be asked to fly a more appropriate wing until they have met one below listed criteria to compete in the PRO class.

PRO: same as pro rules last year.  pilots must be pro qualified by the rules below.  no canopy restrictions, no wingloading restrictions.

Here’s a link to where the info on these classes will live:

Stay tuned the 2017 schedule is coming soon!!!!


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US Canopy Piloting Team Raffle- Winner Take ALL!!!!

Win the complete skydiving package!!!

The U.S. Canopy Piloting Team is once again holding a Winner Take All raffle. Tickets are $50 each and only 200 tickets will be sold.

us team 2016You can purchase as many tickets as you would like until the 200 tickets are sold. If you would like to donate to the Canopy Piloting team, any donations are greatly appreciated, but $50 is the minimum amount that will need to be donated in order to have a chance at the Winner Take All raffle.

The drawing will be done once the last ticket is sold or by Aug 5th, whichever comes first and the winner will be announced via Facebook This raffle is held every year and usually sells out in less than 2 weeks, so act now!!!!!
The US canopy piloting team will be representing the U.S. this year at the World Championships in Farnham Canada in August. Last year at the World Cup the U.S. team took 8 of the 12 medals as well as all the Gold except for one and swept the speed podium. With your help, we would like to get our athletes there again! The prize package includes amazing prizes from all of our sponsors.
us team 2016 lChuting Star – A Sunpath Javelin Oddesy (any options must be covered by the winner) A Performance Designs main canopy (non cross-braced) An Optimum reserve and a Chuting Star gear bag.
Paraclete XP – 1 hour of tunnel time
Vigil – 40% off a Vigil 2 or Vigil Extreme
Alti-2 – 2 Atlas Digital/audio altimeters
Liquid Sky – the base price off of a pair of swoop pants
Cookie – a G-3 helmet
Hypoxic – A turned on unit for a Go Pro
Fly Sight – A fly sight unit
Superior Flight Solutions – 1 canopy course / day of coaching with Greg Windmiller
To donate to the team or enter in the drawing. You can make your payment through pay pal to Please send funds as family and friends or it will deduct funds and not qualify you for the drawing. Please include the following information in the remarks section.
Your name
Phone number
Email address.
Good luck to everyone and thank you for your support.
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2016 Season Wrap-Up

Johnny Gunn takes top Amateur spot for the 2016 season.  Photo by Tony Efird

Johnny Gunn takes top Amateur spot for the 2016 season. Photo by Tony Efird

What a great season it was down here in the Southeast.  We held 4 competitions in the 2016 FLCPA season with USPA Nationals right after the third meet.   The season started in February and finished up in May.   The meets had 49,57, 59, and 37 competitors at each.  That’s more than many countries pull for a nationals and greater attendance than ever before in an FLCPA season.  There were 41 competitors who joined the league this season to battle for overall standings.  In 2015 there were 39, 22 in 2014, and 30 in 2013.  We added a new venue in 2016 with a spectacular pond which was purpose built at Skydive Sebastian.  For 2017 we’re looking to add West Tennnessee to our list of host DZ’s with the new pond that their putting the final touches on as we speak.  No matter which way you look at it, we’re growing.

prooverallCurt Bartholomew took top honors as the PRO season champion with an unprecidented four victories.  No one has ever before swept the entire FLCPA season.  Second place went to Albert Berchtold and third to Matt Shull.  These two were battling until the last jump for points looking to edge each other out.

amaoverJohnny Gunn took overall Gold in the Amateur Class followed by Rory Agundez with Cliff Steele wrapping up the top 3.  Consistent performances throughout the season brought the top spots to these three who will graduate up to the PRO class for the 2017 season.

This years coveted “Most Improved” went to John Lopez from the US Army Golden Knights.  John arrived at the first meet this season as a “middle of the pack” amateur competitor and quickly showed what he was made of.  With the guidance of his team mates he darted to be one of the top competitors in his class.  We look forward to seeing him crush it in the years to come.

We’ve already started planning for the 2017 season and have some changes in mind that will help grow the league even more.  New Venues are on the way.  We’re looking at expanding the competition into THREE classes instead of the two classes we’ve been running for the last 10+years.

Big things to come….


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Bartholomew wins PRO, Denniston wins Amateur at season finale

The 2016 season finished strong at Skydive Paraclete XP with 37 competitors vying for for the top spots not only at this meet, but for overall season standings.
The meet started off with Zone Accuracy in crosswind/quartering tailwind conditions. Matt Shull jumped into the lead in the pro class while John Lopez took the lead in the amateur class. The winds picked up over limits after the completion of Zone accuracy and we took the afternoon off and returned to complete distance at the end of the day.

Photo by Tony Efird

Photo by Tony Efird

Saturday evening was the end of season dinner at PK’s Bar & Grill where we celebrated the retirement of Golden Knight Greg Windmiller.
Sunday morning was sunny skies and onto the speed event. quartering tail winds made for some fast runs. Amatuers Johnny Gunn and Rory who were leading the pack after day one both got zeros in the first round of speed and dropped down in the pack. The pro class saw Curt Bartholomew, Matt Shull, Albert Berchtold, Sven Jseppi, and Joe Abeln battling for the medal spots.
amatIn the Amateur class Marcus Denniston took the Gold, followed closely by Nate Clark, while the Bronze medal went to Nick Peck from Deland.
pro podIn the Open class Curt Bartholomew locked up first place with his fourth victory this season, second place went to Matt Shull from the US Air Force, and Albert Berchtold took home the Bronze.
Big thanks to Skydive Paraclete XP for an excellent job hosting the meet. Special thanks to all the Judges, Performance Designs, and the US Army Golden Knights for all their help putting this meet together.

Stay tuned for the season wrap-up!

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Meet #4 Season Finale!! Registration List

The final meet in Raeford is quickly approaching:

Load 1
Rory Agundez
Pete Lubrano
Paul Isenmann
Cecil Jolley
Logan Donovan

1Marcus Denniston
2Fraser Feltner
3Joey Baker
4Jesse Weyher
5Blake Gaynor

1Johnny Gunn
2Dan Richardson
3Nate Clark
4John Lopez
5Robin Jandle

1Cliff Steele
2Nick Peck
3Andrew Plisko
4Ryan Hunnicutt
5Nate Olsen

Load 2PRO:

Greg Windmiller
Curt Bartholomew
Albert Berchtold
Pawel Piotrowski

1Shane Shafer
2Joe Abeln
3Sven Jseppi
4Jeannie Barthlolmew

1Matt Shull
2Aaron Stocum
3Jared Zell
4Ben Lowe
5 Matt Leonard

Brad Moon
Stephen Perry
Ross Brilakis
John Minos


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Curt Bartholomew takes the lead in the 2016 season


IMG_2650-0The first two meets of the 2016 season have been awesome! Last month the season kicked off at the new pond in Sebastian. The dz was super excited to welcome all the swoopers and show off their new pond.  Even with overcast conditions we still managed to complete 50 competitors before 5:00. In the pro class Curt Bartholomew took the gold, Pablo Hernandez won silver, and rounding out the podium was Justin Price. For the amateurs Rory Agundez took home gold, Johnny Gunn was second, and Danny Feltner took home third. The DZ did a great job on hosting their first event and we’re looking forward to welcoming them to the circuit again next year.

Meet two brought us to Zephyrhills, and the crowd grew to 58 competitors. High winds and cloud cover held us to 3 rounds for the PRO class and 4 rounds in the amateur class. Curt, Justin Price and Canadian Sven Jseppi were the medal winners in the pro class.  The Am class was won by Darin McKeen,Johnny Gunn, and Rory Agundez.

The Pro overall season standings are IMG_2651-0updated and world champ Curt Bartholomew is in the lead, with Justin Price close behind in second, followed by Albert Berchtold sitting in third and Tommy Dellibac in fourth.

In the Amatuer class it’s a close race with Rory Agundez and Johnny Gunn  neck and neck for the top seat, each with a first and second finish. Cliff Steele and Nate Olson sitting in 3rd and 4th are also in the running for a top seat. But as we all know, the season overall seats will be taken by the ones who can keep up their consistency when the going gets tough.

Keep up with the scores on control tower!

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2016 Registration List-Meet #3

59 competitors


1Ricky Nelson
2Mike Yi
3Matt Reilly
4Davis Hall
5Logan Donovan

1Rory Agundez
2Johnny Gunn
3Cecil Jolley
4Joey Baker
5Pat Kessler

1Peter Lubrano
2Jens Esselstrom
3Fraser Feltner
4Marcus Denniston
5Ryan Jenkins

1Nick Peck
2Cliff Steele
3Jason Mccahan
4Darin McKeen
5Nate Olsen

Plane 2
1Matt Guthrie
2Gavin Griffin
3Robin Jandle
4Nate Clark

1Paul Isenmann
2Scott Siler
3Piri Rewa
4Kevin Haugh
5John Lopez

Greg Windmiller
Joe Abeln
Albert Berchtold
Justin Price
Jared Zell

1Shane Shaffer
2Curt Bartholomew
3Jeannie Bartholomew
4Charlie Mullins
5Aaron Stocum

1Steven Perry

Plane 3;

1Punjab Piotrowski
2Matt Leonard
3Ben Lowe
4Ross Brilakis
5Shaggio Levesque

1Paul Rodriguez
2Ryan Brownlow
3Marcos Darman
4Adam Teeling
5Scott Harper

1Tom Dellibac
2Shane Seydel
3Travis Mills
4Mikeal Stevens
5Ben Crooch

1Nick Batsch
2Jay Sanders
3Matt Shull
4Gage Galle
5Cornelia Mihai

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Ultrasonic Anemometer coming to FLCPA

In past years we’ve always been plagued with winds playing havoc with our competition.  Each place we go we have different measuring devices and while some are better airshotsthan others, we routinely find winds playing too much of a role in our competition.  While we can’t remove wind difference altogether, we can continue to do our best to minimize them from effecting the outcome of our competitions.  In an effort to give us better wind reading capabilities, we’ve ordered a super sweet AIRSHOTS system.  This software and and hardware system comes from our friends in Austria who have custom built a program that will give us detailed information that is specifically designed to work for our discipline.  We will have detailed wind speeds, direction, graphs and the capability to save wind readings for each competitor into a csv file.

Click here: Airshots Anemometer for a detailed rundown on the software, and hardware we’ll be using!  The good news is that it’s in the mail and hopefully we’ll have it up and running for next weeks meet. The bad news is, as mentioned earlier, we’ll be reducing the prize money paid out at each meet in order to help fund this expenditure. But it’s well worth it!!!


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Sebastian season opener-only one week away!

Fresh 300 reline, check. Reserve in date, check. Hotel and car reservations made, check. The 2016 season is about to begin!!!!
The preregistration list can be found here.

A couple reminders:

*Is my reserve, and USPA membership in date?
*Don’t forget to preregistration by Thursday noon in order to save$$.
*Safety & competition briefing will be Friday at sunset.
*Amateurs-please read and understand turn and wing load safety restrictions for your class. Any questions, please ask.
*We’ll be running the new 2016 FAI rules which were just adopted a couple weeks ago.
*As mentioned earlier, we’ll be lowering the cash prizes this year in order to purchase a new ultrasonic anemometer.

Here’s a couple Arial shots of the new pond in Sebastian. It looks pretty awesome!!!

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2016 Registration List-Meet 2

Heres the list

Load 1:

1Rory Agundez
2Peter Lubrano
3Nick Peck
4Darin McKeen
5Logan Donovan

1Johnny Gunn
2Alessandro DiMare
3Mike Yi
4Joey Baker
5Nate Olsen

1Fraser Feltner
2Franco Darman
3Robin Jandle
4Doug Stoski

1Allison Reay
2Jay Mccahan
3Joseph Ford
4Chris Shaw

1Paul Isenmann
2Marcus Denniston
3Beau Riebe
4Grant Underland

Load 2:

1Gavin Griffin
2Cliff Steele
3Luciano Edward
4John Lopez

1Joe Abeln
2Albert Berchtold
3Justin Price
4Jared Zell
5Pawel Piotrowski

1Curt Bartholomew
2Jeannie Bartholomew
3Shane Seydel
4Aaron Stocum

1Marcos Darman
2Fabio Pelayo
3Paulinho Marques
4Matt Leonard
5Ben Lowe

Load 3:

1Sven Jseppi
2Peter Kozak
3John Minos
4Kelsey Fry

1Charlie Mullins
2Manny Neto
3Giuseppi Crott
4Eric Deroy
5Ryan Levesque

1Tom Delibac
2Travis Mills
3Stephen Perry
4Matteo Gattini
5Patrick Michaud

1Matt Shull
2Rob Harris
3Ross Brilakis
4Waldisio Moreira

* If there is an asterisk next to your name, your payment has not been completed. In order to get the preregistration price, payment must be completed by noon Thursday before the meet.

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Coaches confirmed for meet 1 & 2

We’re only a few weeks away from the season opener!! We’ve confirmed coaches for the first two meets. As we did last year, the coach will be on hand all day Friday for short debriefs and talking to competitors during their practice runs. This will give you some added feedback before the meet starts.

Meet #1- Curt Bartholomewimage


Mejason-profileet #2- Jay Moledzki





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West Tennessee Skydiving breaks ground on their swoop pond!

image1West Tennessee Skydiving is pleased to announce breaking ground on their 300′ x 80 ‘ north/south swoop pond.  The pond will be fed by the DZ well and will feature an aerator pump to keep the water clean and fresh.

Initially, accuracy will run south, distance will run north and speed will be both directions.

DZ amenities include the fastest climbing aircraft in the country, indoor air-conditioned packing for everyone, swimming pool, showers, laundry room, wi-fi, and RV hookups. When swooping south competitors will land 150ft from the entrance of the air-conditioned packing area and will load the aircraft in the attached drive-thru hangar.



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Liquidsky to support 2016 season

liquidsky The 2016 FLCPA season will have a few prizes from our supporters.  This year the top placing Amateur competitor will take home a pair of custom liquid sky swoop shorts. That’s right, if you can be the best of the best in Am class, you’ll be rockin’ a brand new pair of custom swoop shorts at the end of the season.  Good Luck!!!


*prize will go to the top placing amateur without a support or sponsorship from another suit manufacturer.  So if first place has a support relationship from another company, then the prize will go to second place, and so on.

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2016 Updates.

A couple changes for 2016:

1.  Registration will close at sunset Friday- Safety briefing and exit orders will be done Friday evening at sunset.  That is approx. 5:30 pm for meets 1&2) This should help us get rolling quickly and efficiently on Saturday morning.

2.  We’re planning on purchasing a new windmeter(yay)!!! Crazy winds and windmeter troubles have long been a challenge for CP.  This year after speaking to a few folks it seems like a good idea to invest in some state of the art wind measuring devices.  We hope to have a new ultrasonic anemometer up and running by meet #1.

3. As was the case when we updated from camera timing to electronic sensors, we’ll be paying out smaller cash prizes for the 2016 season in order to fund the Wind meter.  Everyone I spoke to felt this was a worthwhile investment to help alleviate the wind troubles we always seem to have.  The plan for this year is to pay out a cash purse for the season overall and forgo the cash prizes at each individual meet.  We will of course continue to award bad ass custom FLCPA medals for each meet to the top 3 PRO and top 3 Amateurs.

If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to shoot me an email at

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2016 FLCPA Announcement

It’s that time of year again.  The 2015 season is wrapping up for our sister league in the Northeast, and it’s time to start making your plans to come on back down to the Southeast for the 2016 season!!  We’re happy to be adding a new venue to the schedule this year.  Skydive Sebastian is putting the final touches on their pond.USPA Nationals of Canopy Piloting will be returning to Skydive City this year, so we’re happy to head back there twice this year before Nationals.  Our Season Finale will be held in early May at Skydive Paraclete XP.

Meet #1 Skydive Sebastian February 20-21

Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 12-13

Meet #3 Skydive City Z-Hills April 2-3

Meet #4 Raeford Parachute Center May 7-8

More info about the upcoming season will be out soon!!!


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Ground breaking for Skydive Sebastian swoop pond

IMG_2097-0This month the number of swoop ponds in Florida will double! That’s right, Our friends down at Sebastian have begun construction on a new swoop pond! This new pond is being dug on the north end of the landing area near the old taxiway. The new body of water is over 100×300 feet, approx 4feet in depth, and will be fed by a well that is also being installed.  The space around the pond should allow for running courses in either direction, and the DZ is working on placing zone accuracy pits at both ends!!

IMG_2098We’re excited to have a new venue here in Florida and look forward to welcoming Skydive Sebastian to the 2016 FLCPA season.

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2015 Season wrap-up

2015 plaquesThis season there were 39 league members in the running for the overall title of league champion.
Amateur class: 2015 season was one of the most competitive I’ve seen. With every meet the top overall seats changed. In the end we graduated 6 amateur competitors up to the Pro class for 2016. Pawel Piotrowski fighting his way back from broken rib in meet 3 was our 6th place finisher. He’ll be looking to take down his big brother & pro competitor Peter next season. In fifth place, first year competitor Stephen Perry flew a strong season, he’ll work hard this year training to be ready for the Pro’s next year. Fourth ama 2015 overalloverall was earned by Ross Brilakis. With just shy of 1,000 jumps under his belt, he was the young buck this year. But his level headed, smooth approaches led to continued scoring throughout the season. Third place went to Ben Lowe from Arizona. With two podium finishes in meets 2&3, his consistent flying style earned him a top spot on in the overall. Shane Seydel from Hawaii took second place overall.  And the top spot for the 2015 season in the Amateur class went to Rob Harris from Zephyrhills, FL

pro overall 2015PRO class:  The top spot this season went to World Champion Curt Bartholomew from Team Alter Ego.  Second place went to Gage Galle from the PD Factory team.  These first two spots were locked up after three meets.  The big battle this season was for third place.  After 3 meets Albert Berchtold, Scott Harper, and Justin Price were separated by only a few points.  Scott secured the third place overall with a solid performance in the season finale meet.

Big thanks to Skydive City Zephyrhills, and Skydive Paraclete XP for hosting the 2015 meets, Team Alter Ego for their sponsorship of the league medals and plaques this season, and to Performance Designs for their ongoing support of the league.   See ya next year!!!!


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